Workout/Training Videos with Yvi

Workout Videos with Yvi

On the following pages you'll find a variety of workout videos:

Alternatively, you could just view all videos on my FiEnergy - Fit & Fabulous with Yvi You Tube Channel.


Workout is not like workout:

Given I LOVE working out outside, many videos are done outside and take advantage of things nature or the city offers, such as stairs, railings, and benches.

Other videos can be done at home. Some focus on strength, some on balance, and some on stretching. Some videos use only body weight exercises, others might use a small weight or Thera-bands.


Workout videos, by theme or muscle group uploaded include:

1) Workouts around the stairs

2) Workouts using the jump rope

3) Workouts interval style; full body high intensity training (all levels; low impact variations are included)

4) Miscellaneous workouts, such as balance, body part specific (legs, chest, core/abs,...), coordination, skill,'ll find here 

5) Workouts geared towards unfit, beginners and/or overweight people, you'll find here. These workouts are suited for all ages!

Enjoy! As always, stay safe and healthy, warm up thoroughly and listen to your body!