Individual Training - Prices valid since 01/2020

Private Outdoor* Workouts in Vienna, Austria

Individual, private (1:1) or with partner (2:1), price per person

Each workout = 60 min

Private 1:1

1 session   = €  60

5 sessions  = € 285

10 sessions = € 550

w/ Partner 2:1

1 session    = €  50

5 sessions  = € 235

10 sessions = € 450

*based on preferences, workouts can also be held online or in the comfort of your home.

If you prefer all workouts online, a 10 session pass costs €450.00!

Our First Private Workout

  • 60 min = € 50.00
  • incl. a fitness analysis/test to get an understanding of strength, weaknesses, imbalances but also joint health and mobility

Do you need reasons, why you should work out, then have a look here or here.


Additional services I offer include:

Quick workouts or lunch break workouts

Theme-specific workouts (ie: jump rope session, stair running, medicine ball workouts, balance training, fascia stretching,....)

Couples workouts or parent-child training sessions

4 week tailored 1:1 support in goal achievement: this promotes and strengthens behavior change and habit formation (incl. training; dietary guidance; behavior change: analysis of barriers and development and implementation of strategies; analysis of daily rituals to identify forgone opportunities in goal achievement;......)

Refrigerator-, pantry- and food shopping check; introduction to nutrition fact labels (understanding and personal applicability); guided implementation in making healthy food choices given personal lifestyle; ... Before and after fitness test .... and much more - based on your needs, wishes, and goals....and my level of expertise!
You have health insurance through SVA? Then ask me how you can get €100 back!

You have health insurance through SVA? Then ask me how you can get €100 back!