Due two personal changes, there are currently no public group workouts



All workouts, regardless of location, offer the right balance. You will benefit mentally, physically, and emotionally. So, give them a try and commit to staying healthy and active with me.



Outdoor Full Body Group Workouts in Vienna -  Healthy & Fit with Yvi

All workouts can be adjusted to every fitness level and each group workout is capped to 8 people so everyone can get the individual attention they need. Group workouts are open to everyone; everyone is welcome.

Monthly Fitness Camps in Vienna, Austria

Do you want to commit to one month, work out twice a week and become part of a small group? Then the camps are perfect for you. Plus, they are a great way to get started with a fitness routine and learn the exercises properly. Camps are tailored to campers needs, weaknesses, and imbalances. Every monthly camps has a different theme always focusing on  needs and progress. (More info on Yvi's monthly outdoor fitness camps.)


Working out changes us physically, mentally, emotionally -

we work out for reasons beyond what we see in the mirror.


Register by contacting me or by phone +43 677 - 625 - 45756.

Alternatively, join my Facebook group: or page

Monthly Fitness Camps

Mondays & Wednesdays

Mondays focus on basic strength training to help develop overall full body strength and correct imbalances. We gradually increase the difficulty of exercises.

Wednesdays focus on strength and high-interval exercises to build endurance and better fitness.



Open Group Workouts




Augarten, Bruno Kreisky Park

Based on workout, we incorporate aerobic & anaerobic exercises and use body weight, TRX or resistance bands, among other things, to get stronger & fitter, and shape our body, but more importantly to support our health. Each workout is different; each class is different, and yes we have fun, we enjoy moving and connecting to our body and seeing progress! (All classes are 60 min long.)

Camp & Open Group Workouts in Vienna, Austria

Yvi's Outdoor Group/Camp Workout

Mondays & Wednesdays

Yvi's Outdoor Group Workouts



(*Gentle = approx. 30 min strength & 30 min stretch)

Price list for open group workouts:

  • 1 single workout: € 15.00
  • 5-er block: 5 group workouts for € 75.00
  • 10-er block: 10 group workouts for € 140.00
  • 15-er block: 15 group workouts for € 195.00
  • First time "trial" workout: € 8.00
  • Students (only with valid student ID): € 11.00 per workout
  • NEW: gift vouchers - give the gift/present of health
(As standard during public events and listed in the Data Security Statement, I may occasionally take photos and videos during workouts to be shared on social media sites. These are often however used for me to analyse imbalances and weaknesses to adjust workouts accordingly for regularly attending clients.)





Give the gift of health and love.