Workout for unfit, beginners and/or overweight

Age, weight and/or fitness level should not limit your level of activity!

Are you out of shape or unathletic? Are you starting to feel your age? Do you want to lose a few kilos or pounds?

How about your body; how does your body feel? Do you want to get a better awareness & improve your well-being? Do you want to gain some strength and/or increase your level of stamina? How about your flexibility? Are you starting to feel a bit more stiff then you used to a couple of years ago? How about your balance? Are you realizing that with age, your balance is getting worse? It's time to work on that - NOW!

If you find yourself within these questions, then these videos are perfect for you as we'll address every single aspect in these videos. 

We'll start slowly in the first video with 5 exercises training your whole body. You'll only need a bench or a sturdy chair (if you are doing these exercises at home). We will gradually progress from week to week.  The videos are structured in such way that you can follow along with me. And if you are feeling up for it, you can repeat all exercises a second time. Enjoy and have some fun! 

Always listen to your body and train at YOUR level of fitness. Health always takes priority!


Video 1:

Workout time ~ 20min

Video 2:

Workout time ~ 20 + min