Heart-Healthy Food: my favorite foods to prevent cardiovascular disease and keep my heart happy & healthy

5 Harmful Habits Support Heart Disease:

  • smoking
  • being overweight
  • lack of physical activity
  • drinking too much alcohol, and
  • making unhealthy food choices

While other factors, too, can burden our heart, such as stress, attitude, genetics, environment and relationships, none are as influential and damaging as the 5 Harmful Habits that Invite Heart Disease.

Although rarely anyone has died of a broke heart*, plenty of people have died of too many burgers, cigarettes, and beer.

(* it’s called takotsubo cardiomyopathy and has been clinically diagnosed.)

My Favorite Foods For a Healthy Heart

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Spaziergang nach dem Abendessen besonders effektiv für Menschen mit Typ 2 Diabetes

Die Reduzierung von Blutzuckerwerten ist eine Möglichkeit, um mit Typ 2 Diabetes umzugehen. Und laut einigen Experten können regelmäßige Spaziergänge unterstützend sein.

Der Nutzen des Verdauungsspazierganges

Eine neue Studie deutet darauf hin, dass WANN, also die Uhrzeit des Spazierganges, jedoch ein viel bedeutenderer Faktor ist, als ursprünglich angenommen.

Zur Studie:

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Perks of a short stroll

You probably know by now:

too much sitting raises the risk of stroke.

But of course, you can reduce your risk – otherwise I wouldn’t write this post, right?


Sitting & Stroke

A recent study (S. Thosar, Indiana University) among many others concluded:

when subjects sat still for 3 hours, blood flow in their leg arteries decreased significantly after the first hour.Continue reading