Driving forces influencing behavior: 6 factors to understand

I love talking about behavior and behavior change. And I love watching people and observing their behavior trying to understand their actions, lack of actions or thought processes.

More, given my line of work, I love motivating and empowering you to change your behavior.  And interestingly enough, motivation and ability are two of the most powerful forces or sources to change behavior.

Motivation and ability can

facilitate behavior change

Anyone who's met me knows I am very motivating. And given my background in education and teaching, I love sharing, teaching, and instilling new skills.

Hence, I find this idea or model in how to change very intriguing.

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Women and lifting weights – who influences women to start weight training?

„Women should lift weights“. Something we tend to hear or read a lot. Yet, we barely acknowledge how women who do lift (heavy) weights got started.

(Given, that there is little research on this, I speak my opinion from decade-long observation. Don’t feel like reading? Then watch the video Secret lifted why some women lift weights.)

Women & weight/resistance training 

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Weihnachtsverlockungen – so überstehst du süße Versuchungen

Sind die Weihnachtsleckereien im Büro immer eine Verlockung für dich?

Wirst du von KollegInnen öfter zum Naschen verleitet, als dir eigentlich lieb ist? 

Hier sind ein paar Tipps, wie du den Weihnachtsleckereien, die die Kollegen und Kolleginnen mit ins Büro bringen, widerstehen kannst - wenigstens ein wenig.

Obwohl die Weihnachtszeit ja eine Zeit der vielen Genüsse ist, sollten wir  unsere Gesundheits- und Fitnessziele nicht ganz aus den Augen verlieren.


1.Zuerst, sei dir bewusst, warum du eigentlich den Leckereien widerstehen möchtest

Ist es wegen Gewichts- oder Gesundheitszielen?

Obwohl beides miteinander verbunden ist, gibt es unterschiedliche Lösungsansätze:

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4 ways to combat holiday stress and winter blues

Ways to control seasonal weight-gain, holiday stress and winter blues before it starts

Motivation and „Baby, it’s cold outside“:


Yes, motivation is definitely not the greatest. Few of us are eager to strap on our running shoes when it’s grey, cold and perhaps even wet outside. It feels more comfy on the couch, I know- you don’t have to tell me. If you are like me, you perhaps, too, like to spend your evenings or Sundays snuggled up on the couch with a good book. Social outings or an invite to a Christmas party, too, often sound a lot more fun than an exercise session outdoors. I think we can all relate.

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True motivation for exercise – work out for the right reasons

Why Do You Exercise?

Honestly, why do you do it?


lose weight, look a certain way or reach a certain shape?

feel good about yourself?

reduce stress?

get fitter or stronger?

prevent ailments or discomfort and pain?

overcome first signs of aging?

………. or because you feel it’s something you ought to do?


–> Think before you respond! I don’t want to know why you think you should exercise but rather WHY you really, truly engage in exercise.

–> What is your goal, your reason, your purpose?

In this article, I’ll address exercising for health and aesthetics.


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