Body neutrality – love your body now, for its strength and perseverance

Your Body’s Influences You & Your Life – Be Grateful Instead of Critical!

We know we should eat healthily, stay active, sleep well and live an overall balanced lifestyle. Most of us have heard about positive psychology and about being less critical with ourselves, especially in terms of our weight.

But Weight and Body Image Satisfaction is Tough to Achieve.

Not only because we are

influenced by media about what we should look like, how much we should weight and how big (or small) our thighs should be.

Many of us, too, are fixated on this idea that:Continue reading

walking 10,000 steps per day: motivation, apps, failure or success?

To work from home but still walk 10,000 steps per day?

My struggle with motivation – „have to“ versus „want to“

Most of us know or have heard that in order to support our health we should take 8,000 – 10,000 steps per day, which certainly is an easier task for those of us living in a big city and an easier task for those of us not working from home.

I know. I work from home.

Perhaps you, too, came across the article in The New Yorker titled “I work from home” (if not you can read it here). I certainly found myself nodding my head a few times reading the article. But as a health nut, I actually came across another problem not mentioned – lack of activity.Continue reading

Make your New Year’s resolutions stick – success is possible

New Year’s Resolutions

We are almost 2 weeks into 2017. Hopefully, if you made New Year’s resolutions this year, you are still on track with your desired behavior. Less than 70% manage past the first two weeks. For some of us, real temptation might not have crossed our paths yet. Our hormones might still be in balance. Stress might still be average. We might still feel good and motivated – for now. Life will return to normalcy though. Temptations will arise. Success will stall. Stress will catch up with us. Happy attitude, motivation, and ambition might leave us. Intention(s) might fade. What will you do then?


New Year’s resolutions tend to fail, and we know it!

top new years

A survey of over 1,000 respondents (living in the US) revealed that only 16.3% of people over the age of 50 achieve their resolutions each year (37.8% of individuals in their 20’s report they do). While 72.6% of respondents stay true to their resolutions throughout week one of January, only 44.8% manage to stick with it past June. US News even reports by week two of February, some 80% of those having made a New Year’s resolution are faced with disappointment leading most of them to give up on their intentions. But why is that? Why are most of us, year in and year out, unable to change our behavior? Don’t we want it badly enough, are we unable to change or are we too weak?Continue reading

Exercise’s influence on sleep, success and healthy weight

no exercise vs exercise_graphc

The graphic representation of an article by Travis Bradberry titled „12 Lessons you either Learn or Regret It Forever“ published June 22 2016  at Here is the link. Look for No. 8 „Schedule exercise and sleep“.

Now, you may say: I don’t exercise but I have no trouble sleeping. Actually, I sleep like a bear. To which I respond: congratulation. I hope it continues to stay this way. Then sleep deprivation, or chronic partial sleep loss (such as just regularly missing 30 min of your needed 7 hours of sleep) can potentially lead to weight (fat) gain, negatively impact your food choices and health behavior.Continue reading