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What does it mean to be fit – work out to be fit, strong and age well

The start of yet another New Year. Gyms are packed and people seem motivated and determined to get fit and strong, live a bit healthier and exercise more.


But what does it mean to be fit,

strong, and healthy?

What should your workout consist of?

Can you get fit and healthy by going to a gym (while hunching over their many cardio machines or pushing effortlessly a few weights on the weight machines)?

What about strength?

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4 ways to combat holiday stress and winter blues

Ways to control seasonal weight-gain, holiday stress and winter blues before it starts

Motivation and „Baby, it’s cold outside“:


Yes, motivation is definitely not the greatest. Few of us are eager to strap on our running shoes when it’s grey, cold and perhaps even wet outside. It feels more comfy on the couch, I know- you don’t have to tell me. If you are like me, you perhaps, too, like to spend your evenings or Sundays snuggled up on the couch with a good book. Social outings or an invite to a Christmas party, too, often sound a lot more fun than an exercise session outdoors. I think we can all relate.

BUT…..yes, there is a but, a big BUT to be precise.Continue reading

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Healthy me, healthy lifestyle, healthy environment

Health, at times, might be a selfish act

but health is never an isolated act


When many of us think of health we think about making healthy food choices and exercising. Some of us might also consider reducing our level of stress, engaging in Yoga or Pilates, going for walks, and getting more sleep.

Others might view health as an attack on free choices: constantly being told they should or ought to do or eat but don’t want to. For others, health behavior or healthy choices awakens feelings of missing out.Continue reading

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How dieting leads to body weight satisfaction, or does it?

Do you diet to feel good in your skin or to be satisfied with the shape of your body?

Do you use diets to lose weight or to be healthy?

 Mirror, mirror on the wall

how will I get the shape I want?

Why do you go on a diet? Because you

  • are obese (overweight, unhealthy weight,….)
  • feel fat and unsatisfied in your skin
  • hate the shape of your body
  • are number driven; the scale tells you you are fat so it must be true
  • are now heavier than ever
  • are farther away from your magic dream number than ever (and let’s be honest, many of you weren’t even that dream weight in high school. I, surely, wasn’t)
  • have a re-union coming up, recently broke it off with your partner or will be going on vacation and need to look somewhat decent in a bathing suit
  • suffer from health issues
  • ….?

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