Vitamin D supplement and heart disease, fractures, and nutrient imbalances? Effects of hormone D on health.

Vitamin D – the Sunshine Vitamin

…. cute name with an evil punch?


The latest “best-selling vitamin” so it seems is vitamin D. You surely can’t have missed the news that the majority of us supposedly are vitamin D deficient (Nair & Maseeh, 2012; Kennel et al., 2010). If media or our doctors don’t encourage us to take a vitamin D supplement then the discussion about vitamin D surely comes up with friends and family.

But:question, frage

Is vitamin D just a vitamin?

Is vitamin D as supplement harmless?

What if vitamin D were a hormone?

What if vitamin D is a hormone?

Are we supposed to eat hormones?

Would you feel safe consuming excess hormones, in addition to the hormones your body already creates?

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Stop blaming your hormones – weight gain is simpler than that

In the article, 3 fat-storing hormones and their effect on weight, I explain how hormones influence our weight (fat) loss efforts.

Now, I know, we as society, like to place the blame on things we think we can’t control.

Hence, I want to take a moment to remind ourselves of factors that contribute to or influence weight gain.

  • Excess energy intake

particularly from eating the wrong kinds of food. This is certainly one major reason. In addition, eating highly processed food with less than optimal ingredients, even if touted healthy, too, contributes to unhealthy weight.Continue reading

Exercise’s influence on sleep, success and healthy weight

no exercise vs exercise_graphc

The graphic representation of an article by Travis Bradberry titled „12 Lessons you either Learn or Regret It Forever“ published June 22 2016  at Here is the link. Look for No. 8 „Schedule exercise and sleep“.

Now, you may say: I don’t exercise but I have no trouble sleeping. Actually, I sleep like a bear. To which I respond: congratulation. I hope it continues to stay this way. Then sleep deprivation, or chronic partial sleep loss (such as just regularly missing 30 min of your needed 7 hours of sleep) can potentially lead to weight (fat) gain, negatively impact your food choices and health behavior.Continue reading