Ladies, you want to get fitter, stronger, leaner? The answer lies within your cycle/menses

 Fitter, stronger, leaner –

Thanks to your Menses/Cycle

Would you have ever thought our menses/cycle could actually work FOR us in becoming leaner & stronger? Yes they can. Especially if you are NOT using contraceptives & are living a low-medium carbohydrate lifestyle.

Listen up as this information could not only support you in becoming stronger & leaner but also healthier.

Okay, but let’s get the basics out of the way first.

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LOVE rice for dinner but are trying to reduce your carbs at night?

What if I tell you you CAN have it BOTH ways?

YES, I said it…..

you can have your rice AND eat low carb.

and load up on fiber and healthy, plant based protein and many more health promoting ingredients!


Well, you are not getting the kind of rice you are accustomed.

Rather a new kind, different but better kind of rice:

  • more flavorful
  • protein & fiber rich
  • vegetable, not starch
  • versatile
  • satiating
  • packed with minerals & vitamins

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Mango-black bean salad recipe: healthy, easy, quick

A black bean - mango salad recipe - loaded in protein and fiber and vitamins and minerals.

Best of all, this black bean - mango salad is very versatile. Great for work alongside some bread or as filling in pita. You could also serve it as side salad next to rice and chicken or salmon. Or, you could mix some grains, like barley or quinoa, into the black bean - mango salad. (Here is the video to this happy salad recipe.)

Black Bean - Mango Salat

- filling, healthy, delicious ,and versatile recipe

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