3 layered spring appetizer mango cheese avocado

Wow your guests with this 3 layered appetizer: colorful, healthy, quick and so delicious

Spring Recipe: if you are looking for a refreshingly light and healthy but colorful appetizer than look no further. If you prefer watching the recipe on video, then check out the 3-layered spring appetizer on YouTube.

This beautiful 3-layered salad or appetizer provides just the right amount of protein (cheese & nuts), healthy fats (avocado & nuts), and carbohydrates (mango).

Spring has arrived -

3 Layered "Salad" 

a different kind of appetizer

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home made dairy free chocolate ice cream

Home-made chocolate ice cream – a dangerous recipe as you’ll be eating ice cream every night (2 ingredients)

You sit at home and want something healthy to snack on. Something sweet but nothing processed, nothing too fatty or sugary.

You love ice cream but most chocolate ice cream is either loaded in fats, sugar or additives.

But you want something - preferable something cold, sweet, and chocolaty.

I come to the rescue:

sweet, creamy and chocolaty



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Women and lifting weights – who influences women to start weight training?

„Women should lift weights“. Something we tend to hear or read a lot. Yet, we barely acknowledge how women who do lift (heavy) weights got started.

(Given, that there is little research on this, I speak my opinion from decade-long observation. Don’t feel like reading? Then watch the video Secret lifted why some women lift weights.)

Women & weight/resistance training 

Some, many, women to this day fear heavy weights and resistance training, for various reasons.Continue reading

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Must-have pantry food items: anytime recipes, easy cooking, quick dinners

From My FitKitchen To Yours

Another late night at the office? Grocery stores already closed?

On your way home desperately trying to figure out what to eat?

Trying to recall what’s in the cupboards or fridge?

Although you don’t really have any energy left you know you don’t want Chinese or pizza yet again…

If you are honest, all you crave is a simple, home-cooked meal…

Don’t despair, these tips come to the rescue so next time you will get that home-cooked, simple meal you crave.Continue reading

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