Women and lifting weights – who influences women to start weight training?

„Women should lift weights“. Something we tend to hear or read a lot. Yet, we barely acknowledge how women who do lift (heavy) weights got started.

(Given, that there is little research on this, I speak my opinion from decade-long observation. Don’t feel like reading? Then watch the video Secret lifted why some women lift weights.)

Women & weight/resistance training 

Some, many, women to this day fear heavy weights and resistance training, for various reasons.Continue reading

Must-have pantry food items: anytime recipes, easy cooking, quick dinners

From My FitKitchen To Yours

Another late night at the office? Grocery stores already closed?

On your way home desperately trying to figure out what to eat?

Trying to recall what’s in the cupboards or fridge?

Although you don’t really have any energy left you know you don’t want Chinese or pizza yet again…

If you are honest, all you crave is a simple, home-cooked meal…

Don’t despair, these tips come to the rescue so next time you will get that home-cooked, simple meal you crave.Continue reading

Family fitness: mom, dad work out with your child

FitFamilie- our opportunity to be, become, and stay fit together. Mom, dad – let’s work out together with our child(ren), support our health and creative beautiful traditions and memories.


Mom, dad, which identity do you instill in your family?

No. 1 reason why some women don’t find time to work out: they can’t find a sitter. What are the reasons you can’t work out?

Perhaps, this conversation below sounds familiar:Continue reading

Diets, diet mistakes and how you lose fat/weight for good: eat less & exercise more might be wrong

Diet mistakes, not age, keep us from losing weight. Lose the weight for good with these fail proof tips.

Question of the week:

Is my age (mid 30’s) the reason it’s more difficult for me to lose weight and keep it off ?

Do you want the short answer or the long answer?

To diet or not to diet?

Weight, for many of us, an ongoing struggle

Most of us try to live as healthy as possible. Of course, we live in the real world with temptation, with social life, distractions, and relationship or work stresses.

With life, gradually, comes weight gain:Continue reading