Omega 6, omega 3 and inflammation and small food changes to better health

We know we should take our omegas (fatty acids). We know omegas are good for us, yet many of us know very little about omegas.

When we hear omegas, we might think of omega 3 and omega 6, the ones mentioned most often in health news. Some of us might even relate omegas to fatty fish, fish oil, nuts, and cod liver oil.

Fact is, our body needs omega 6 and omega 3 – yet balance is crucial

But few of us recall or understand that an excess of one omega (omega 6) can actually increase inflammation while a deficiency in another omega (omega 3) can actually increase the risk of cancer or depression.

So, today, we’ll talk about omega fatty acids, focusing on omega 3 and omega 6.Continue reading

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comparing coconut milk, coach yvi

Coconut milk – a comparison of ingredients, nutritional facts, and price

Regardless if you use coconut milk only for traditional curry or soups or for less traditional things, such as in coffee, baking, or hot chocolate.

In case you prefer watching the video, comparing different coconut milk for ingredients, price, and nutrients, then click the link.

Fact is:

Coconut Milk

is all around us

intake has increased (perhaps due to being referred to as super food)

is healthy and delicious

varies in quality, ingredients, and price


Continue reading

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Must-have pantry food items: anytime recipes, easy cooking, quick dinners

From My FitKitchen To Yours

Another late night at the office? Grocery stores already closed?

On your way home desperately trying to figure out what to eat?

Trying to recall what’s in the cupboards or fridge?

Although you don’t really have any energy left you know you don’t want Chinese or pizza yet again…

If you are honest, all you crave is a simple, home-cooked meal…

Don’t despair, these tips come to the rescue so next time you will get that home-cooked, simple meal you crave.Continue reading

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Health Adviser: who influences health choices & eating habits

In terms of health – who influences us: our friends and social circle or media?

Food choices, eating habits or the latest diet craze – while we hear or read about it on media it is truly media that sways us into jumping on the latest band wagon or implementing a certain health behavior?

Is Your Health Adviser,

The Person Who Influences You


Let me ask you this:

If you:

needed to repair something on your car, would you seek advice from a painter or car mechanic?

discovered a weird lump on your neck, would you follow the advice given by friends or would you seek and follow the advice of your doctor?Continue reading

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Workout recovery: why carbs matter

First of, they clearly matter. I’m not asking you; I’m telling you. No matter what your goal (even if fat loss) carbs matter (I know carb-phobic people are rolling their eyes right about now BUT fat burns in a carb flame).


By not including carbs in your post-workout meal you are selling yourself short.


Why Your Post-Workout Meal Matters:

You can work out all you want, unless you recover properly and fuel your muscles properly you won’t reach your full potential.

–> Your post-workout meal makes a difference!*

*(unless you have consumed a proper pre-workout meal. More below.)Continue reading

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