Be smart: educate yourself and eat mindfully

You want to shave off some calories without making too many changes to your diet or eating habits?

Then consider trading this for that, particularly if you buy your breakfast OR lunch every day at the local bakery. If you keep this up for one month, without changing anything else in your diet,

you could potentially drop 0.5 - 1kg

(depending on how many calories you end up saving). Cool or?  And as you see, I DID NOT choose “extreme” healthy alternatives.

But energy density is only one aspect: Important for our health are also macro-nutrients, like sugar and fat. By making smart choices, you can drastically reduce your fat and sugar consume. Your heart will thank you!

I have three videos for you:

In video 1 I compare a Brownie with a Chocolate-dessert (both from Der Mann, a local bakery in Vienna)

In Video 2 I compare a Nussbeugel with a Muffin (both from Ströck, a local bakery in Vienna)

In Video 3 I compare a Mozzarella- Ciabatta with a Feta cheese- Olive ciabatta (both from Ströck, a local bakery in Vienna)


progr choc brow_compare 1      compar_muffin nussbeugel_englsih    Eat this not that_a minor change --_ a huge payoff_SM

Should you really choose the low(er) fat alternative? If one item is 20g lower in fat than another, is that a lot? Well, consider this:

                    20g is approx 1/3 of your daily recommended fat intake! ausrufezeichen

And what about sugar? Did you know age 11 and over shouldn't consume more than 30g of added sugar per day? (Adults should try to consume under 25g per day!)

Interested, how your favorite sandwich or hearty snack weighs in? Then have a look, you might be surprised! Trade this for that

Wert_PA_nussbeugel_compare       Wert_PA_sandwich difference              worth it_PA comarison