Salad and other vegetable recipes

Salad don’t need to be boring &

salads are more than just a few leaves.

Who said, eating salads or vegetables has to be boring? Go on discovery, be adventurous.

Try these quick, simple but oh so flavorful recipes.....and discover, that healthy eating can be easy and flavorful, nourishing and satiating!

And who knows what flavors you’ll fall in love with.

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3 layer spring inspired appetizer

- few ingredients, festive but also for daily munching3 layered spring appetizer

Happy Mango Black Bean Salad

- few ingredients, quick, versatile, and perfect for the office

mango bean salad

3 Vibrant, Tasty Hummus Recipes

- 3 different flavors, colorful & the perfect snack

hummus, recipe,

Conny's Broccoli, Feta cheese & pear salad

- a summer salad for summer lovers


3 ingredient, flavorful salad with a punch

- a summer salad for pear lovers (and the spicy-sweet combination might just wow you)


4 ingredient, crunchy salmon salad

- add some fresh spinach and you'll get a nutritional power punch