Outdoor Group Fitness Camp with Yvi, Vienna, Austria

the perhaps easiest way to make exercise part of your lifestyle.

Do these intentions or resolutions to be, feel fit, healthy, strong, happy

sound familiar to you?

Then don't wait any longer.

......make this year a winning year with+

Yvi's Monthly Outdoor Fitness Camps


-- due to personsal changes and developments, there are currently NO public group workouts--

Every Month A New Outdoor Group Fitness Camp

Workout Days:

Mondays & Wednesdays ,

4 weeks, 2 workouts per week, 8 workouts per camp

8 participants (max) per camp

Benefits of outdoor group fitness camps in Vienna:

Yvi's Outdoor Group Fitness Camps

are focused on you - and only YOU!

Your needs, your weaknesses, your injuries, your imbalances, your progress, your level of fitness, and your abilities.

If you have to miss one of the outdoor group workouts (Monday or Wednesday) you are always welcome to use an open group workout as make up day.

Fitness Camp:

  • includes prae & post fitness test
  • workouts consist of strengthening, conditioning, stretching, balance, and core exercises
  • think: fun outdoor boot camp, HIIT, tabata
  • 101- Nutrition: basic seminar into healthy eating

What to expect

  • physical and mental challenges, which you'll master
  • more energy, better mood, stress relief
  • more satisfied body image 
  • increase in strength & confidence 
  • better health & overall well-being

Register now for the next Outdoor Fitness Camp in Vienna

keep in mind, camp is limited to 8 people per camp

+43 677-625-45756 or contact Yvi


2021 - Outdoor Fitness Camp Registrations in Vienna now open

Camp cost: € 108.00 p.P.   (€13.50/workout)

January Fitness Camp: January 4 - January 27