Miscellaneous, muscle specific workout videos

Below, you'll find workout videos on the following topics:

1: Balance & stretch

2: All about our core

3: Upper body 


4: Lower body

5: Resistance band workouts

1. Balance & stretch exercises

Balance: These balance videos with Yvi focus, of course, on our balance. thumb print

The best part about balance training, it also focuses on our core, legs & glutes.

Give these a try; you might not get out of breath or task your cardiovascular system but you will, nonetheless, feel a burn in your glutes & legs.

Progress gradually at your own pace but keep track of your progress so you can see just how far you've come!

If your balance is currently weak be sure to exercise near a wall or table, so you can "catch" yourself in case you lose your balance. It's ALWAYS about safety! In the balance videos, you'll see different progressions; everyone will be challenged.

Make these part of your routine. I, for example, engage in them while brushing my teeth or cooking.

~~~Click here for the balance videos.~~~


2. Let's stretch - with age we get stiff

SMomentaufnahme 1 (04-08-2016 14-28)_stretchome of us are more stiff than others; some of us gradually lose their flexibility while for others stiffness comes rather sudden.

Whatever the case, we all could you a bit more flexibility. Why? Stiffness gets worse with age, and it'll get harder to get your flexibility back the later you start.

Being inflexible increases our risk of injury and reduces athletic performance. Plus, often, inflexibility and stiffness lead to an unhealthy (and often unattractive) posture.

So, with these videos I'll share with you my favorite stretches.....and if you do them after a long day at the office you might even feel more relaxed afterwards.

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  • Video 1 is  of my 4 favorite stretching exercises
  • Video 2 focuses on stretching our calves and increasing mobility for our ankles (perfect if your heels come off the ground during squats!)
  • Video 3 focuses on reaching for our toes (increasing our hamstring flexibility)- while stretching is important for nearly everyone, hamstring & hip flexor stretches are particularly important if you sit all day.
  • Video 4 is all about our shoulders. Shoulder flexibility and mobility. These exercises aren't just crucial before a workout, they are just as effective, soothing, and tension easing after a long day at the office!

3. All about our core 

These workouts might seem easy......14-killer-core-workout but as always I'll challenge you.

Don't forget to stretch afterwards, and focus on your breathing and on contracting your abs throughout the exercises. Listen to your body, stretch and stay safe and healthy!

  • Video 1: 6 sets of different exercises; each set is 4 minutes in length. 
  • Video 2: 3 sets of different exercises; each set is 4 minutes in length. 
  • Video 3: Killer core workout! 14 forearm plank variations; either complete all 14 variations for "x" reps (and do 2-3 rounds) or choose 3-5 different exercises (do them each for "x" repetitions which equals 1 rounds, and then complete all exercises again for 2-3 rounds).
  • Video 4: 3 forgotten but effective core exercises which actually also train your complete body! 

4. Upper body workout videos

3 exercise chest, arms and absThe first workout (video 1) might seem easy as you'll only do 3 exercises BUT you can increase intensity (and effect) if you increase repetitions and rounds.

  • If you are a beginner (or want to use this as warm up), you can do 2 reps of each exercise for 3 rounds.
  • If you want to kick it up a notch, try for 10 reps of each exercise for 5-6 rounds. It's completely up to YOU!

The second workout is a tad bit different. This time we use bicycle railing as workout tool; we'll do a variety of push ups and rows as well as a core exercise. girl, monkey pull ups, bicycle railing, outdoor workoutThis workout is perfect if you are a runner or walker. Don't neglect your upper body; strengthen those muscles so that with age you remain independent and in control of life!

The third workout is just 2 exercises, super-set style to strengthen our delts (shoulder). It actually also strengthens our triceps - hence, great against bat wings. Especially, if you walk with forward rounded shoulders, sit on your desk all day and experience stiffness and pain in your delts/shoulder and upper back area these 2 exercises are a must!

The fourth workout is about triceps and delt; all body weight style. Meaning you work with your own body weight. One exercise uses resistance bands; you may also use two water bottles. There are some of my favorites and can be done anywhere, at home, outside at the park or even the office!


5. Lower body workout videos

Butt workout: 

Is Momentaufnahme 2 5 exercisesgravity turning your butt into a sagging mess? We all know with age our butt drops - but it doesn't have to be this way!

Sitting all day doesn't really help either.  Most of us "suffer" from sleepy butt muscles so it's time to wake them up.

These exercises are perfect for that; and best of all ANYONE - regardless of age -can and should engage in these.

Focus on your glutes/butt muscles....feel them working, activate them. Instead of momentum or going through the motion really connect to our muscles.

If you want to tone your butt then follow along with me in these butt shaping videos. 

  • Video 1: 5 exercises á 30 seconds and 
  • Video 2: 5 exercises á 1 minute
  • Video 3: 3 exercises for repetitions

Strong glutes & lower back:

  • 2 sets of exercises.
  • The first set focuses on squats, the second set on good mornings & deadlifts.
  • Perfect for beginners and intermediates.
  • You may either use Thera bands or loop bands or do all exercises body weight style.
  • The best part, you'll not only get a stronger, rounder, firmer butt but your lower back will also benefit.

~~~click here for the strong glutes & lower back video ~~~

Squat 101Squat 101: 

Let me ask you, when you squat do you squat with your legs or your butt? If you don't feel your butt muscles on fire, if you don't feel slight soreness in your glutes (if you are somewhat new to squats) after a squat workout you aren't doing them right!

So, if you are new to squats, if your form is just all over the place or if you suffer from back or knee problems after squatting this video is perfect for you. I'll show you different progressions in how you can become a better squatter from using the bench to a fence to the wall....

~~~For the tutortial on how to squat click here.~~~

Legs & glutes workout video:

  • Are you looking for more powerful legs?
  • Do you want to shape & define your legs?
  • Are you seeking a new challenge, a workout that leaves you out of breath and your legs on fire?

Well, this single 5 exercise leg workout will burn; it will have you asking for mercy..........thus, give it a try.

If 1 round isn't enough then turn it into a mini-workout of 4-6 rounds. Better yet, ADD weights by holding on to a medicine ball while completing all 5 exercises (NO break between exercises!).

~~~You can find the leg & glutes workout here. ~~~


Are you a runner or walker, or someone who likes to exercise outdoors? Then don't miss this video. Incorporate these lower body exercises into your running or walking routine whenever you pass empty bicycle railings!

You'll condition your muscles differently and add a new challenge. It's a win-win as you'll not only better your running (or walking) performance but also your physique.

~~~Click here for the video.~~~

6. Full body exercises using  resistance bands

Video ONE focuses predominantly oMomentaufnahme 2 external rotator cuffn our back, chest and delt muscles. If you spend most of your days in a seated position (perhaps even hunched over your keyboard) you'll really benefit from these exercises. Don't forget to warm up and cool down properly. Listen to your body, stretch and stay safe and healthy!

Video 1: 8 different exercises focusing on upper body

Video TWO is under 15 minutes long but you'll engage in 10 different exercises. Watch the video first to familiarize yourself with the exercises and then follow along (the break between the exercises is very short). Keep up with the tempo, don't use momentum and really concentrate on the muscles you are utilizing.

Video 2: 10 exercises focusing on full body (emphasis however on upper body)


Of course, there are many more workout videos on my YouTube Channel. Feel free to subscribe as I publish more than just workout videos.