Low impact workouts

Low Impact Workouts for Everyone

Get ready to challenge your body (regardless of your level of fitness)

If you are a beginner, are returning after a long break (from fitness) or are feeling tired after a long day at work, I have the right low-impact workouts for you.
As they don't involve any jumping, they are perfect for home workouts.
Keep in mind, some exercise is ALWAYS better than no exercise! If you engage regularly you will benefit, and just because they are low-impact does NOT mean you won't be challenged.  

Commit to your goal, commit to your health - because it matters! 

You'll find all videos below as well as linked within each section.

1.Video: Glutes, Delts & Abs 

  • 6 different sets of exercises

  • You choose how many repetitions & rounds - I offer suggestions

  • If you follow along, you'll get a great full body workout, working especially your glutes, delts and abs.

What will you choose: to watch a sitcom or to feel your body? If you have been working at the office all day you might have used your brain; don't you think it's time to use your muscles as well? With proper warm up and cool down you'll receive a full body workout in under 35 min. 

2. & 3. Video: Full Body Workouts Using a Bench

Both videos contain 5 different sets of exercises using ONLY a BENCH. Both can

  • be a full body workout in itself
  • be included it in your running routine, providing a NICE, much needed break from your standard, same paced jogging routine
  • great for legs, glutes, delts, and abs AND cardiovascular system

Video 3 is a bit more challenging than video 2.

Total workout time: 20-45 minutes (based on your number of rounds).

What will you choose: to continue running at the same pace or to change things up a bit, to challenge your body, and to change your condition? With proper warm up and cool down you'll receive a full body workout in less time then it takes to order a pizza or take-out food.

4. Video: my inchworm video

It can,

  • be a workout in itself (try something different) or
  • be included along other exercises as part of your workout   

The video contains 20 different exercises you can do in combination with an inch worm. If you have done the inch worm you know it hits nearly every muscle in your body. These 20 are just  suggestions; many more options are available. Be sure you are warmed up thoroughly; in case of hamstring tightness, bend your legs (at your knees).

5. Video: Fit & in Shape - Circuit Style Workout Video 

  • full body condition workout 
  • 8 exercises done circuit style
  • each exercise is done for 1 minute; beginners: start with 30 sec

Be sure you are warmed up thoroughly; in case of hamstring tightness, bend your legs (at your knees) when doing the inchworm. Push yourself and listen to your body.

6. Video: Nicely Defined Shoulders- TRX Strength Video

A great way to strengthen our back.

  • 4 exercise using TRX 
  • focus on back, rear delts, and glutes (as well as legs, core, and a bit of arms)

If you don't have TRX, use a strong  Thera-band (you might need to double it BUT CHECK IT FOR safety) or a towel.

You can do each exercise for time, such as 20, 30 or 45 seconds or for repetitions (8-15 reps per exercise). Go for 2-6 rounds, based on level of fitness. Push yourself but listen to your body.


Don't forget, there are many more videos on my

FiEnergy- Fit & Fabulous with Yvi YouTube Channel.

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