Dips and spreads – recipes: healthy make-over

Dips and spreads tend to be either too heavy (fatty, creamy) or salty. Generally, they are neither healthy not suitable for the office. Thus, it's time for a few dips and spreads recipes that not only support our health and weight but are also versatile, perfect for the office, and make awesome left-overs.

Here are a few make-overs to old favorites:

dips & spreads - do-over.

Why would we want to change things?

Change is good.

Sometimes it's the smallest change that can change our health, eating habit, and life forever. You never know what or where a small change might lead to.

Thus, keep an open mind!

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Edam-Cado Dip

a protein rich alternative to guacamole

  1. nutrient break down is listed in the video

edam-cado, protein rich guacamole, recipe

3 vibrant hummus recipes

mouth-watering & fall-inspired 

  1. over-roasted carrot-hummus/ "hulk" inspired hummus / harvest "blue ballet" hummus

3-simple-hummus-variations, recipe