Videos to motivation, health, exercise, behavior change -

that's the topic of the videos in the series Let's talk behavior change.

These videos are about change, about finding motivation, learning to establish healthy habits, hearing a few tips and tricks to making health the easier choice, drawing your attention to a few false "facts" on the topic of health, and much more. 

Similar to beer,

not everyone likes, loves,or appreciates exercise, healthy food or healthy choices the first time around.

Yet, most of us learn to love it with repeated exposure.

(on a side note, I don't like beer yet love everything about health & fitness)

And yes, with the help of these videos, over time,

the healthier choice as well as exercise

become the easier and preferred choice.


In terms of health behavior, do you

  • still believe health & weight loss ads diverse health and fitness magazines are selling to us?
  • reach for such magazines in hopes for some new insight or new magic recipes to help you achieve your health, weight, or fitness goal?

I know:

  • we are suckers
  • have hope
  • we'd like it easy and quick.

If you are honest, you know:

  • it's all a gimmick
  • quick weight (actually fat) loss doesn't work
  • a magic pill doesn't exist
  • the latest diet rarely leads to sustainable weight loss nor happiness






Yet, you, we hold on to this hope that there might be a quick solution. 

When in fact, we should focus on

our desire to change our environment, to strengthen our skills, ability, and motivation.


I want to help & empower you to make the healthy choice the easier choice.

In order to change, we should:

  • focus on us, our body given our genetics, eating habits, lifestyle, hormones, and personality
  • stop dieting and start loving food, eating, and our body by nourishing us the right way
  • break the cycle of denial, of punishing us or of being critical to ourselves
  • developed the skills, know-how, motivation, and ability as well as mindset to choose what's best for us


The videos in the series Let's talk behavior change are about change.

The Let's Talk Behavior Change videos are about:

and, and, and....,

In spite of all the ups and down(5)

In spite of all the ups and down(6)