Fitness is more than what meets the eye

These workout video as sure to get you fit and strong, to challenge you and more importantly, to help you feel fitter, stronger, and overall healthier.


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Intro to Workout Videos with Yvi:

  • You are looking for a new challenge or a different kind of workout you can do anywhere?
  • Do you want to get in shape (quickly) and increase your stamina, endurance and conditioning? Then these workouts are perfect for you!

On the following pages but also on my FiEnergy Fit & Fabulous with Yvi  YouTube Channel you'll find a variety of conditioning workouts.

Most are done outside using mainly our body weight. Some, will use bands, such as Thera, loop or TRX.

Don't be intimidated. There is a workout for everyone!

In most workouts I offer suggestions to repetitions, rounds, and intensity. Hence, you can adjust every workout to meet your current level of fitness.

Just don't forget to gradually progress to the more intense or challenging versions.

So, if you want to change your physique or change your condition, change your health, physically and mentally, then join me in my videos & let's work out together.

As always, stay healthy, warm up and cool down (incl stretching!) properly, take a break if needed and LISTEN to YOUR body!


Workout Videos with Yvi by topic:

Let's jump rope

  • You want to work on your endurance or condition but  dislike running and/or find "just" jumping rope for 10-30min is too boring?

Then give these a try!

In these videos we'll combine jump rope with other full body exercises. If you engage in these regularly, you will become truly FIT and conditioned. Your heart will thank you!

All about interval training

  • You want to work on your physique but don't like weights?
  • You want to challenge yourself and every muscle in your body?
  • You want a quick workout that gets results?

Then gives these high intensity workouts a try. They will challenge you and if you engage in these regularly, your physique will change.

Perfect for beginners or inside: low impact


  • are a beginner
  • haven't worked out in quite a while or
  • want to work out at home but can't engage in any jumping exercises?

Then these videos are perfect for you.

They are low-impact, meaning they don't include any jumps. This does not mean, the workouts won't challenge you. If you engage in these regularly, your condition and strength will improve, your physique will change, and you will develop a much greater appreciation for your body.

But these are just some videos. There are many more workout videos.

All of these, too, are low impact, and are suitable for ALL fitness levels.