Craving fish oil would be tooo easy. Let’s talk food cravings to get a handle on them

We all experience cravings on occasions.

If, however, you experience them frequently and you feel your cravings interfere with you reaching your health and/or weight goal, it might be necessary to understand the source of your cravings.

Cravings, after all, don’t just appear out of nowhere – there IS a reason for them.


Understand the potential source of your cravings

Often, it could be due to you simply lacking micronutrients. You know, your body requires both macro and micronutrients; and while many of us always focus on the macros, ie: carbs, proteins or fats, we often neglect the importance of the micros, the vitamins and minerals. If these are deficient, our body can’t function optimally.

Hence, our body let’s us know (of deficiencies) by creating cravings. 

But of course, our body isn’t the greatest communicator. Would’t is be awesome if our body would just say, „hey, I need zinc“ and create crazy urges and cravings for, let’s say, oysters, beef, or lamb?

That, of course, would be too easy. Our body isn’t a straight-shooter, a direct communicator.


Craving fish oil? That’d be too easy

For example, if our body is deficient in essential fats (which are the fats he can’t create and we must consume through food), he of course will not crave essential fats in the form of fish or flaxseed oil.

I don’t know many people craving fish oil or salmon, you?

Much rather, he’ll create fatty cravings for pizza, burger or chips.

Sound familiar? On the upside, once we give in to these cravings and consume such food, our body receives the essential fats from these foods and gets back into balance, and the cravings are gone.

It’s like dating someone from a completely differently culture – miscommunication is bound to happen until we learn each others language and cues


True cravings, or?

Of course, it isn’t all that easy.

For one, many of us don’t really eat out of TRUE cravings.

Many eat out of boredom, out of sheer availability (or for other reasons).

Other times, hormones play a crucial part – and make the whole concept a bit more complicated. Take for example sugar cravings.  This could potentially (in few people!) be a sign of adrenal fatigue which interferes with cortisol production. Adrenal fatigue can lead to blood glucose depletion and hyperglycemia.

And you might have experienced yourself a drop in blood sugar levels. What did you crave? Sugar perhaps? By eating sugar, you’d bring your sugar levels back up.

So,  if you experience cravings regularly, have a look at the table below.

Try to identify your true cravings and observe if by increasing the missing micronutrients your cravings lessen.

If, in spite of these changes, your constant cravings persist perhaps get a detailed blood test to check for deficiencies and if all fails get tested for hormonal imbalances.

table food cravings


And by the way, if you are a women and experience monthly food cravings, particularly  right before your monthly cycle, give zinc a try. Food source with high zinc content include: oysters, beef, wheat germ (add to it your yogurt or cereal!), pumpkin seeds & cashew nuts or dark chocolate (which might be the reason so many of us crave chocolate).

Alternatively, incorporate Chia Water into your daily nutrition regimen. It’s nutritious, satiating, refreshing, and hormone balancing.


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  1. Thank you for your webpage. I have been experiencing cravings for starches for the last 2 or 3 months, and since eliminating peanuts from the diet I have experienced a craving for vegetable fats. Your posting gave a correlation between fat cravings green leafy vegetable deficiency, which may also explain recent food preferences. Thank you again, I will try the suggestion.

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