FitFamily – we exercise together outdoor, 1020 Vienna

 FitFamily - Outdoor Family Fitness

1020 Vienna, Austria




have the biggest influence over their children's healthy and active lifestyle.


are role models, educators, mentors, and supporters


play a crucial role in establishing healthy, active habits

parent, mom and child, talking
girl, sport, active, children,

FitFamily - Outdoor Family Fitness, 1020 Vienna


love being active

love experiencing new things

are easily influenced

and at a certain age become more interested in media, TV, and friends

FitFamily - Because It Matters

When was the last time

you spent 45 minutes of quality time with each other

you pushed and motivated each other

you shared moments of joy and pride, moments of defeat, and moments of exhaustion?


FitFamily - Because It Makes All The Difference


spending time with your children. Active time.

doing something together that is not only fun but also allows you to strengthen your bond.

an activity you all enjoy.

an activity that isn't chore based but rather allows you too increase your level of activity while decreasing your level of stress.

a habit, even a tradition you can look back on years later with delight and satisfaction.

Would you want to do it, for you, for your family?


FitFamily - Because It Means We

bond & stay connected

spend quality time


have fun - together.



FitFamily is about

Jump-Starting Fitness Together

Encouraging Healthy Habits

Creating Wonderful Family Traditions

Bonding & Communicating

What type of exercise habits and family traditions do you want to foster?

Let it be a FitFamily's! 

Join Us


mom or dad or "fit" grandma or grandpa

When & where:

Every Tuesday from 6:30 pm - 7:15 pm

Rudolf Bednar Park, 1020 Wien

(I am open to other times & locations.

PLEASE touch base if interested!)


1 parent - 1 child team € 10

1 parent - 2 children team € 12

(prices decrease with increasing participants)


English & German

More info here.




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