Fitness Trainer & Health Coach, Vienna, Austria

!!! Due to current CoVid development (curfews and park closures), all workouts and coaching sessions are offered online !!!

As fitness trainer as well as health coach my interest lies in CHANGING BEHAVIOR and empowerment.

Meaning, workouts with me (Yvi) in Vienna are motivational and challenging but are also there to help you develop certain skills, to allow you to gain a greater understanding why we do what we do, and to instill a sense of pride and confidence.

And health coaching is about developing behavior that supports you in reaching your goals and maintaining your desired goals. I don't coach quick fixes. I coach keeping your lifestyle, challenges, personality, and current limitations in mind.

Coaching isn't limited to face to face time in Vienna, although walking and talking or meeting at a quiet office does have its perks. All coaching can also be done online.


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Behavior Change, Health Coach, Yvi, Vienna, Austria