Drinks -recipes to support health & weight

Drinks. Well, we need drinks. After all, proper hydration is crucial for our health.

And yes, we know water is perhaps the healthiest drink for us but water can get boring.

Drink recipes -

creative, flavorful, and healthy

Plus, do you really want to spend a ton of money on tab water that's been bottled up or water that's been added with a shlew of hormone- altering ingredients? Not to mention the effect of all this plastic on our environment?

And juices? Well, we know we shouldn't drink juice nor soda. They are loaded in sugars, spike blood glucose levels, contribute to insulin resistance and obesity, and a ton of other health problems.

Thus, let me share a few of my favorite drink recipes with you.

Some are truly health promoting and illness preventing, like the lemon grass tea or the golden milk.

Others are just a fabulous way to switch up the way I drink coffee, such as the coconut coffee concoction.

Thus, get inspired. Give these a try and share and like.

Refreshing water for hot summers

best part, no waste, no plastic, no pollution, no...

water, recipe,

Chia Water

healthy, antiinflammatory, loaded in Omega 3 & balances hormones

chia seed water recipe

Other drink recipes: Blog - no video

Immune System Power-Kick

2 ingredients; strong & healthy through winter

drink lemons ginger

Pimp your coffee

coffee & spice; the creamiest coffee of all. Don't spend €5 on coffee.....