What’s the advantage of Corporate Health and Fitness Training?

FiEnergy (me, Yvi) comes to YOU!


  Being fit and healthy at work has never been easier! Based on your needs I offer:
  • a variety of group fitness courses:
    • such as healthy back, stretch & relax
    • strength, endurance
    • partner games & exercises
    • workplace dependent exercise for posture or muscle imbalance correction
  • a variety of seminars and hand-on workshops surrounding topics of health, nutrition, and health behavior.
- Everything is flexible in terms of time, content, and intensity and is influenced by your needs with the aim to support your employees in staying or becoming fit and healthy and stress-balanced. Meaning,

I offer a program tailored to your needs and the needs of your employees.

    Contact me now for a Health & Fitness package suitable to YOUR employees' needs and pricing.



Why does Corporate Health and Fitness Training matter?

it influences physical and mental health outcomes.

Given the fact that:
  • absenteeism cost Austrian employers ~2.7B in 2012
  • absenteeism costs employers ~ €970 per employee per year
  • companies, on average, lose about 13 days of productivity for every employee per year
  • 50% of absenteeism is due to musculoskeletal problems/injuries
  • 40% of absenteeism is due to diseases of the respiratory system
  • absenteeism due to mental health problems is on the rise

it is crucial in becoming a successful non-smoker.

Given the fact that:
  • smokers cost the employer > €1,000/year
  • approx. 38% of Austrians smoke
  • one third of smokers has  attempted at least once to quite
  • smokers spend on average 26 days (compared to 13 for non-smokers) out sick

By offering FiEnergy's Corporate Health and Fitness Training to your employees you support them in achieving the best health outcomes possible!


EACH individual factor

can be influenced and reduced with physical activity!


Benefits of FiEnergy's Corporate Health and Fitness Training:

For employers
For employees
  • absenteeism
  • sickness (sometimes, sick people come to work)
  • apathy
  • fatigue
  • “afternoon slump” coinciding with increased cravings for sweets/energy drinks/fatty snacks
  • productivity (overall)
  • efficiency
  • office culture
  • team spirit and identification with the company
  • communication among employees across a variety of departments
  • stress
  • sickness
  • anxiety
  • “afternoon slump” coinciding with increased cravings for sweets/energy drinks/fatty snacks
  • heart health
  • stamina
  • overall health outcomes
  • fitness level
  • strength
  • self-awareness
  • confidence
  • feeling of self-worth & self-efficacy
  • identification with the company
  • overall level of satisfaction & enjoyment

Additional services:

To strengthen your support to create a healthy, active work force, FiEnergy can deliver feedback (anonymous of course) showing that participants incur health benefits by actively participating in monthly corporate training programs.  

There is much to be gained for everyone by being an employer who drives change and who contributes and supports the “creation of a culture of change”.


Employers who participate send a clear message to their employees:

"We care not only about our employees current health and productivity but also their future health outcomes."

By offering Corporate Health and Fitness Training you make the healthier choice the easier choice.


Join FiEnergy- a lifestyle that puts HEALTH as priority