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What does it mean to be fit – work out to be fit, strong and age well

The start of yet another New Year. Gyms are packed and people seem motivated and determined to get fit and strong, live a bit healthier and exercise more.


But what does it mean to be fit,

strong, and healthy?

What should your workout consist of?

Can you get fit and healthy by going to a gym (while hunching over their many cardio machines or pushing effortlessly a few weights on the weight machines)?

What about strength?

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Exercise-induced pain or discomfort: a love-hate relationship


Learn to Love Being Uncomfortable

Pain is a funny thing. What’s pain to one person is pleasure to another. We not only all experience different levels of pain but also have a different pain tolerance. More, when working out what some of us  identify as pain others just experience as slight discomfort.

Now, contingent on your level of fitness and exercise intensity you might actually experience pain. Most of us, however, only experience discomfort and, wrongly, identify discomfort as pain.


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Family fitness: mom, dad work out with your child

FitFamilie- our opportunity to be, become, and stay fit together. Mom, dad – let’s work out together with our child(ren), support our health and creative beautiful traditions and memories.


Mom, dad, which identity do you instill in your family?

No. 1 reason why some women don’t find time to work out: they can’t find a sitter. What are the reasons you can’t work out?

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Exercise is fun – Realize the types of fun to enjoy working out more

The choices we make in

our thinking & acting

greatly affect

our feeling & physiology


Did you know fun is one of five fundamental psychological needs driving behavior?

(The other four based on Glasser’s Choice Theory are survival, love and belonging, power, and freedom.)

Well, given that many people in society find exercise a drag or effort, I thought I’d look at 4 types of fun more closely:Continue reading

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