Family fitness: mom, dad work out with your child

FitFamilie- our opportunity to be, become, and stay fit together. Mom, dad – let’s work out together with our child(ren), support our health and creative beautiful traditions and memories.


Mom, dad, which identity do you instill in your family?

No. 1 reason why some women don’t find time to work out: they can’t find a sitter. What are the reasons you can’t work out?

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What happens to your brain when you don’t exercise?

Exercise –> brain health

Exercise cessation –> decreased brain health?

Yes, it’s tempting. It’s cold outside, it gets dark early, and it might even rain. Your day has been long and stressful, and the last thing on your mind is a workout (although that’s the perfect way to unwind and destress). Your couch (and perhaps the beer or nice dinner) is soo tempting; almost hard to resist.

If you exercise regularly you might consider the effect of a missed workout on your fitness goals, muscles or even reduced daily energy expenditure. Yet, only few of us might consider the effect of a missed workout on our brain. Guess what, the effect is HUGE!

More, be aware of the risk that one missed workout might turn into two or three and before you know it you haven’t worked out in a month! Why should you be concerned? Continue reading.Continue reading