Vitamin D supplement and heart disease, fractures, and nutrient imbalances? Effects of hormone D on health.

Vitamin D – the Sunshine Vitamin

…. cute name with an evil punch?


The latest “best-selling vitamin” so it seems is vitamin D. You surely can’t have missed the news that the majority of us supposedly are vitamin D deficient (Nair & Maseeh, 2012; Kennel et al., 2010). If media or our doctors don’t encourage us to take a vitamin D supplement then the discussion about vitamin D surely comes up with friends and family.

But:question, frage

Is vitamin D just a vitamin?

Is vitamin D as supplement harmless?

What if vitamin D were a hormone?

What if vitamin D is a hormone?

Are we supposed to eat hormones?

Would you feel safe consuming excess hormones, in addition to the hormones your body already creates?

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Menopause = weight gain. Stop blaming your hormones and do this instead

(Before you roll your eyes and tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about – yes, it’s true, I haven’t hit menopause yet BUT I have studied more and supported more menopausal women in losing weight than you. I have more diverse experiences than just a personal one. So, please read this with an open mind.)

Menopause doesn’t just pose lots of new challenges for us women or requires from us to get reacquainted with our body. No, it also seems to go hand in hand with weight gain or fat distribution. I think none of us are dying to gain extra weight around our belly.

Menopause = weight gain –

it’s a no brainer like the sun will rise tomorrow

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