Cardiovascular Health: HDL, LDL and blood triglycerides – what truly matters when it comes to cardiovascular disease risk?

Cholesterol – the good, the bad and the risk for heart disease

Is truly the ratio of total cholesterol and HDL the most effective way to determine our risk for heart disease? Shouldn’t there be another factor we need to consider?


Cholesterol circulates through our body with the help of carriers.

There carriers are called lipoproteins*.

(*consisting of lipo = fat & proteins, hence the name).

Two different lipoproteins carry cholesterol from cell to cell:

  • LDL (low-density lipoprotein)
  • HDL (high-density lipoprotein)

And, as you know, LDL and HDL can be tested via blood test. I’m sure you might even know your LDL and HDL levels.

But what do they mean and can we really just look at HDL and assume we are protected (in case of high HDL levels) from cardiovascular disease risk?

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Driving forces influencing behavior: 6 factors to understand

I love talking about behavior and behavior change. And I love watching people and observing their behavior trying to understand their actions, lack of actions or thought processes.

More, given my line of work, I love motivating and empowering you to change your behavior.  And interestingly enough, motivation and ability are two of the most powerful forces or sources to change behavior.

Motivation and ability can

facilitate behavior change

Anyone who's met me knows I am very motivating. And given my background in education and teaching, I love sharing, teaching, and instilling new skills.

Hence, I find this idea or model in how to change very intriguing.

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colleagues, office food, share, behavior

Colleagues sabotaging your diet? Food sharing at the office

Many of you know I dislike coworkers bringing food to the office.

I understand some do so to show their love. Other think they are liked for bringing in food, which turns into pressure for others to be expected to bring food. Some colleagues want to get rid of food they have at home and others don’t think at all.

Office: colleagues and shared food for everyone

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Women and lifting weights – who influences women to start weight training?

„Women should lift weights“. Something we tend to hear or read a lot. Yet, we barely acknowledge how women who do lift (heavy) weights got started.

(Given, that there is little research on this, I speak my opinion from decade-long observation. Don’t feel like reading? Then watch the video Secret lifted why some women lift weights.)

Women & weight/resistance training 

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New Year’s Resolution: Behavior Change Made Easy- this is how we succeed

A couple of days into the New Year. Many of us might have made a few New Year’s Resolutions and most are probably still filled with good intentions and motivation.


New Year – New You


We all know, based on previous experiences the first couple of days or weeks seem easy to stick with a desired behavior


sooner or later many of us slip back into old habits…..and since it happens so gradually only very few of us can pin point to when and how it happened.


Behavior Change Can Be Easy & Sustainable

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