True motivation for exercise – work out for the right reasons

Why Do You Exercise?

Honestly, why do you do it?


lose weight, look a certain way or reach a certain shape?

feel good about yourself?

reduce stress?

get fitter or stronger?

prevent ailments or discomfort and pain?

overcome first signs of aging?

………. or because you feel it’s something you ought to do?


–> Think before you respond! I don’t want to know why you think you should exercise but rather WHY you really, truly engage in exercise.

–> What is your goal, your reason, your purpose?

In this article, I’ll address exercising for health and aesthetics.


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Healthy, balanced lifestyle – change perception, change environment, change you

Our World – A Change For The …


How much easier would life be with fewer temptations,

less abundant choices & without sheer availability?



Just imagine,


having food available (nearly) 24/7

smelling different scents on every corner

seeing food at your office

feeling peer pressure when making food choices

being inspired (my marketing) to try new things in fear of missing out

being able to satisfy instant appetite or lust


would life really be sooo terrible?

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Living a healthy lifestyle is a sacrifice – really?

Modern lifestyle can make it difficult to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Temptation and distraction await everywhere. 80% of Americans believe living a healthy lifestyle is a sacrifice. The US is a country of overabundance, aggressive, enticing marketing approaches aimed to influence consumers‘ behavior as well as time-strapped, hectic lifestyles. Sadly, this culture is one the rest of the world seems to follow.

While society as a whole might fall victim to it, YOU have a choice. Health is, to some extend, a personal matter. (Yes, it’s also a social, economic and family matter.) Nonetheless, a healthy lifestyle is one YOU decide, you choose, not because someone urges you to but because you want to, because it matters to you!Continue reading

The difference between dieting and a healthy, balanced lifestyle

What is the difference between “being on a diet” and “living a nutritiously healthy, active lifestyle”?

At first you might think they are vastly different from one another but if you look closer they can be rather similar:


  • include wholesome, nutrient dense food choices,
  • avoid junk and processed food (for the most part),
  • include regular activity.

Yet, of course they differ. They have to, right? Otherwise we wouldn’t have such a difficult time staying on a diet.

But they don’t differ in their components -no- they differ in attitude, in HOW we view the components.

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