Society supports or sadly enough encourages many unhealthy behaviors. Now, we have a choice. While I understand the pressure to perform at work, to network, to get things done there ARE things we have control over. Ultimately, to some extend it is a choice.


 Society encourages unhealthy behaviors


question, frageLet me ask you: How often do you 

  • stay late at the office or take your work home with you?
  • give in to pressure to hang out with your colleagues after work?
  • accept another drink, even though you didn’t want to have one in the first place?
  • order a meal on the menu without asking for „special treatment“ (such as: please don’t use butter or can I have extra veggies instead of fries) in fear of looking too health conscious?


The pressure of society & unhealthy behaviors

Many of us cave in to this pressure putting society’s pressure and conformity in front of our own needs, our own desires, our own weight and/or health goals.


Which of These Unhealthy Behaviors Encouraged (if not celebrated) by Society Do You Engage In:

1. Prioritize Work over Well-being

  • We overwork ourselves, we are proud of it
  • We have a culture where some people believe unless they (excessively) bust their butts they don’t deserve the raise or that company (quantity fails to equal quality!)
  • On the other side of the coin, we have people in overpaid and underworked positions while underpaid and overworked employees bust their butts
  • on a side note, stress leads to weight gain

2. Not Get Enough Sleep

  • People are encouraged, often by their bosses, to do so much in life, to take their work home, work on weekends and value work higher than family time
  • lack of sleep leads to weight gain, illness, unproductivity, stress,
  • „I  only slept 4 hours. See how productive I am. Suck it up and get up at 4am. Early birds catch the worm.“
  • For many with a full time job their day looks like this: work, hit the gym, make dinner, wash dishes, clean up, prepare for the next day, go to bed
  • Children, in order to have a chance at life, are encouraged to do so much in life: extra-curricular activities, sports, music lessons, social clubs,

3. Social Pressure of Drinking (or eating unhealthy food)

  • Happy Hour in some countries is a nightly event, especially among men it’s the social aspect of connecting with potential clients, of networking
  • If alcohol is on the menu the assumption is „you have to have a drink“
  • You are at a bar you drink (alcohol) – no questions asked.

4. Eat Food That’s Available

  • Asking for „special treatment“ is frown upon – it makes you look difficult
  • Asking to go to a healthier restaurant is frown upon – it’s expected to run with the pack, eat what the masses eat

5. Excessive Consumption

  • Eat as long as food is available
  • The bigger the portion the better – I want value for my money. Quantity > Quality


The pressure of society & unhealthy behaviors

At The End of The Day Why Do You Do It?

In fear of:

losing your job?

being overlooked for that promotion?

being seen as not a team player?

not fitting in?

looking uncool?

not being able to buy your happiness?

missing out?


At The End of The Day What Truly Matters?


being able to buy another expensive toy to impress others?

getting that promotion so you can work more, buy more and achieve more?

looking cool as the guy (or gal) who has it all?

being able to buy whatever it is society tells you you need?

living a healthy, balanced lifestyle?

enjoying your health and everything life has to offer?



There are many other things I can’t live without like my friends for example but they aren’t part of an unhealthy behavior supported by society.


At the End of The Day – What Matters To YOU?



monetary success

material success




time with family

social influence

power and status


positive influence on society for a better world



At The End Of The Day We Create Our Life:

Are You Happy, I Mean Truly Happy?

Are you content?

Do You Sit In The Driver Seat Of YOUR Life or

Are You In The Passenger Or Back Seat?

What Price Are You Paying?

Everything comes at a cost…..How high do you value your life, health and freedom versus your success or material things?

How Do You Define Success?

Based on monetary accomplishments, stuff, happiness, time, health, experiences, adventures,…?

If Money Weren’t The Issue How Would You Live Your Life?

What would you want to do today, tomorrow, next week?

If Your Job Doesn’t Bring You Happiness Which Job Would?

While sometimes we need a crappy job to pay our bills don’t get stuck in an unhappy position. Unhappiness creates stress! Stay alert, FIND WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO DO, not for the money but for your own happiness. And then apply for the job or go into business for yourself.

If You Were At a Restaurant With Your Best Friend or Partner Would You Order Differently Than You Would With Colleagues?

If so, why? What is keeping you from making the same choice with your colleagues? What is the worst that could happen? Is it really that bad or do you make it out to be worse than it actually is? Perhaps, others have the same fear? Perhaps, it just takes ONE BRAVE person to speak out for everyone else be confident as well.

If You Could Change One Thing To Make Your Life Healthier What Would It be?

What is keeping you from doing it? Is it really impossible?


We might not be able to change everything but we can change something. Something is a step in the right direction. Small things add up. Something leads to your next best choice and before you know it all dominoes will fall in your favor!


The pressure of society & unhealthy behaviors

Choose Not to Let Fear, Awkwardness, or Discomfort Rule Your Life. Don’t Be A Puppet.

Healthy Choices Aren’t a Sacrifice & Require No Explanation.


Choose You ~ Choose Your Health ~ Choose Your Fitness ~ Choose Strength, physical & mental ~ Choose True Happiness ~Choose Your Family, Hobbies, Interests ~ Choose What Truly Matters


If You Were Stripped Of All Things Money Can Buy WHO Would You Be?

What Would Matter To You?


But it’s not only about health behavior. There are many more behaviors encouraged by society that aren’t good for us. Become aware of them, how they influence you, your lifestyle, thinking, and choices.

Stay true to yourself. Be authentic. Don’t give in to society’s pressure. More importantly, don’t be afraid to be you.


The pressure of society & unhealthy behaviors

Additionally, We Are Encouraged To:

  • Not think critically for ourselves
  • Ignore expert opinions: Anti-intellectualism
  • Bottle up our feelings, especially true for men
  • Hide or cover up relationship issues
  • Keep our mental problems secretive
  • Come to work even if sick – spread your germs and get others infected so they too can feel your misery
  • Sit 8 hours at work if your workload is barely 2 hours – boredom creates misery. Having to look busy can be extra stressful
  • Live on Credit, buy on credit and carry debt
  • Buy things to fill hunger, emptiness or sadness
  • Believe we have the right to „own“ stuff  and that owning „stuff“ represents a person’s worth
  • Compare yourself to others or keeping up with the Jones’s
  • Worship celebrities

Thank you for reading. Feel free to like and share. Thank you!

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