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From My FitKitchen To Yours

Another late night at the office? Grocery stores already closed?

On your way home desperately trying to figure out what to eat?

Trying to recall what’s in the cupboards or fridge?

Although you don’t really have any energy left you know you don’t want Chinese or pizza yet again…

If you are honest, all you crave is a simple, home-cooked meal…

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4 ways to combat holiday stress and winter blues

Ways to control seasonal weight-gain, holiday stress and winter blues before it starts

Motivation and „Baby, it’s cold outside“:


Yes, motivation is definitely not the greatest. Few of us are eager to strap on our running shoes when it’s grey, cold and perhaps even wet outside. It feels more comfy on the couch, I know- you don’t have to tell me. If you are like me, you perhaps, too, like to spend your evenings or Sundays snuggled up on the couch with a good book. Social outings or an invite to a Christmas party, too, often sound a lot more fun than an exercise session outdoors. I think we can all relate.

BUT…..yes, there is a but, a big BUT to be precise.Continue reading

Gelenkschmerzen und Sehnenentzündung – Ursachen & Heilung

Vielen Menschen leiden unter Gelenkschmerzen, aber auch Sehnenentzündungen. Und worauf schieben es die meisten? Natürlich ihr Alter.

Gelenkschmerzen und Sehnenentzündungen:

Ich werd‘ eben alt –

meine Glieder & Gelenke sind abgenutzt.

Ja, klar, mit dem Alter kommen die kleinen Weh-wehchen, aber oftmals ist das Alter nicht der Hauptgrund für Gelenkschmerzen oder Sehnenentzündungen.

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