black beans, mango, green onions

Schwarze Bohnen-Mango Salat Rezept: vegan, eiweiß-und ballaststoffreich, schnell und einfach

Dieser vegane schwarze Bohnen-Mango Salat ist die perfekte Mischung zwischen süß und herb, und wenn ihr wollt sogar ein wenig würzig. Außerdem liefert der Salat reichlich Eiweiß, Ballaststoffe, gesunde Kohlenhydrate, und Vitamine und Mineralien. (Das farbenfrohe Rezept gibt's natürlich auch auf Video.)

Der schwarze Bohnen-Mango Salat

- farblich und geschmacklich ein Volltreffer

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3 layered spring appetizer mango cheese avocado

Wow your guests with this 3 layered appetizer: colorful, healthy, quick and so delicious

Spring Recipe: if you are looking for a refreshingly light and healthy but colorful appetizer than look no further. If you prefer watching the recipe on video, then check out the 3-layered spring appetizer on YouTube.

This beautiful 3-layered salad or appetizer provides just the right amount of protein (cheese & nuts), healthy fats (avocado & nuts), and carbohydrates (mango).

Spring has arrived -

3 Layered "Salad" 

a different kind of appetizer

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Stop blaming your hormones – weight gain is simpler than that

In the article, 3 fat-storing hormones and their effect on weight, I explain how hormones influence our weight (fat) loss efforts.

Now, I know, we as society, like to place the blame on things we think we can’t control.

Hence, I want to take a moment to remind ourselves of factors that contribute to or influence weight gain.

  • Excess energy intake

particularly from eating the wrong kinds of food. This is certainly one major reason. In addition, eating highly processed food with less than optimal ingredients, even if touted healthy, too, contributes to unhealthy weight.Continue reading