8 Gründe warum es albern ist, fertigen Hummus zu kaufen

Wenn du dir immer noch regelmäßig Hummus im Laden kaufst, dann dürfte das Video 3 herbstl. Hummus Rezepte und 8 Gründe, warum du Hummus nicht kaufen musst vielleicht dein Verhalten ein wenig beeinflussen.

Es gibt jede Menge Gründe (ich nenn‘ dir mindestens 8) warum du dir wirklich das Geld für fertigen Hummus sparen kannst. (Hint, hint: ja, selber machen kostet dich wesentlich weniger!). Zum Video geht’s hier.

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…..fast so vielseitig wie die Schreibweise, ist die Zutatenkreativität von Hummus, denn nur die 4 Grundzutaten sind fast überall gleich.Continue reading

What happens to your brain when you don’t exercise?

Exercise –> brain health

Exercise cessation –> decreased brain health?

Yes, it’s tempting. It’s cold outside, it gets dark early, and it might even rain. Your day has been long and stressful, and the last thing on your mind is a workout (although that’s the perfect way to unwind and destress). Your couch (and perhaps the beer or nice dinner) is soo tempting; almost hard to resist.

If you exercise regularly you might consider the effect of a missed workout on your fitness goals, muscles or even reduced daily energy expenditure. Yet, only few of us might consider the effect of a missed workout on our brain. Guess what, the effect is HUGE!

More, be aware of the risk that one missed workout might turn into two or three and before you know it you haven’t worked out in a month! Why should you be concerned? Continue reading.Continue reading

The difference between dieting and a healthy, balanced lifestyle

What is the difference between “being on a diet” and “living a nutritiously healthy, active lifestyle”?

At first you might think they are vastly different from one another but if you look closer they can be rather similar:


  • include wholesome, nutrient dense food choices,
  • avoid junk and processed food (for the most part),
  • include regular activity.

Yet, of course they differ. They have to, right? Otherwise we wouldn’t have such a difficult time staying on a diet.

But they don’t differ in their components -no- they differ in attitude, in HOW we view the components.

What do I mean? Well, for one: mind-set.Continue reading

I might not be slim but I’m healthier than you – doctors & nurses stop judging

Walking down the street, perhaps passing a few girls. Contingent, perhaps, on their own body image issues, they might through you a few glances checking you top to bottom. If you carry a few extra pounds or got for bit don’t wear body-pleasing clothing you might get their critical eye.

Now, if you are confident, love your body and feel comfortable in your body and know your self-worth isn’t based on looks you can care less.  Many women, however, might view such critical looks are confirmation that indeed their body is flawed, or worse, ugly.

Don’t judge me by my weight,

judge me by my lifestyle!

As society, we continue to make the same mistake – we judge people by their weight even though we should know not to judge a book by its cover.Continue reading

Menopause = weight gain. Stop blaming your hormones and do this instead

(Before you roll your eyes and tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about – yes, it’s true, I haven’t hit menopause yet BUT I have studied more and supported more menopausal women in losing weight than you. I have more diverse experiences than just a personal one. So, please read this with an open mind.)

Menopause doesn’t just pose lots of new challenges for us women or requires from us to get reacquainted with our body. No, it also seems to go hand in hand with weight gain or fat distribution. I think none of us are dying to gain extra weight around our belly.

Menopause = weight gain –

it’s a no brainer like the sun will rise tomorrow

While everyone around us talks about the inevitable weight gain, the „menopausal 15“, it doesn’t have to happen.Continue reading