Break Unhealthy Behaviors Supported by Society – Wake Up, Choose You, Your Health

Society supports or sadly enough encourages many unhealthy behaviors. Now, we have a choice. While I understand the pressure to perform at work, to network, to get things done there ARE things we have control over. Ultimately, to some extend it is a choice.


 Society encourages unhealthy behaviors


question, frageLet me ask you: How often do you 

  • stay late at the office or take your work home with you?
  • give in to pressure to hang out with your colleagues after work?
  • accept another drink, even though you didn’t want to have one in the first place?
  • order a meal on the menu without asking for „special treatment“ (such as: please don’t use butter or can I have extra veggies instead of fries) in fear of looking too health conscious?

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Failure versus sustainable behavior change: tips for success

More or less, many of us are motivated to change, although the level of motivation and commitment will vary. Yet, overall, with the start of the New Year, many – once again – want to exercise more, drop a nasty habit, stop smoking, drink less, save more, be friendlier, more patient or less impulsive.

(You prefer watching videos, then don’t miss my „Let’s talk: behavior change – raw & honest“ series on YouTube.)

Failure versus sustainable behavior change:

Whatever the Goal – Only Few of Us Manage to Turn Motivation Into a Successful, Long-term Behavior Change.

Some say, reaching your goal is just like happiness – a piece of cake.

Clearly, they have no idea what they are talking about, nor about happiness, contentment, the difference and sustainability of it all.

Yet, in this article I will offer a few fool-proof solutions that work for me.

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Body neutrality – love your body now, for its strength and perseverance

Your Body’s Influences You & Your Life – Be Grateful Instead of Critical!

We know we should eat healthily, stay active, sleep well and live an overall balanced lifestyle. Most of us have heard about positive psychology and about being less critical with ourselves, especially in terms of our weight.

But Weight and Body Image Satisfaction is Tough to Achieve.

Not only because we are

influenced by media about what we should look like, how much we should weight and how big (or small) our thighs should be.

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Personality influences food choices in young adults

Personality doesn’t only influence food choices in adults, but also young adults.

Keller & Siegrist concluded personality influences our eating style. A study of 1,073 young adults at the University of Otago in New Zealand concluded:

in younger adults (aged 17-25) personality, too, influences eating style.

Based on the Big Five personality traits:

  •  openness and extraversion were the most consistent personality predictors of greater fruit and vegetable consumption
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