Achieving your health goals in a world of choices and temptation

Health Goals in a World of Choices

Cravings, desire, curiosity, availability

I remember, during my last food shopping trip, I stood in front of the cheese section completely baffled by my inability to make a choice.


Perhaps you can relate (perhaps not to cheese but another item).


  • have a craving for cheese but you don’t want the kind you always buy.
  • want to try something new.
  • desire a new experience, perhaps a new brand, a new variety or a new mix.

There you are, in front of the cheese section and all you see is cheese:

Asiago – Baby Swiss – Blue,Brie, or Camembert – Gorgenzola or Roquefort – Berg or Butter – Emmentaler, Farmers, or Gouda – Swiss or Mondseer – Mozzarella or Feta – Muenster or Monterey Jack – Parmigiano Reggiano, Pecorino Romano or Grana Padano – Chévrer – Manchego – Gruyére – Provolone – Ricotta or Goat – Colby – Stilton – Halloumi – Rocamado –  Livarot – Saint-Paulin – Saint- Marcellin – Tomme de Savoie – Saint Albray – …and and many many moreContinue reading

Healthy, balanced lifestyle – change perception, change environment, change you

Our World – A Change For The …


How much easier would life be with fewer temptations,

less abundant choices & without sheer availability?



Just imagine,


having food available (nearly) 24/7

smelling different scents on every corner

seeing food at your office

feeling peer pressure when making food choices

being inspired (my marketing) to try new things in fear of missing out

being able to satisfy instant appetite or lust


would life really be sooo terrible?

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Eisenbedarf & unser Körper: alles Rund um Eisen und wie du Eisenmangel vorbeugen kannst

Alles zum Thema Eisen: wieviel brauchen wir, welche Lebensmittel fördern die Eisenaufnahme, welche hemmen die Aufnahmen und Rezeptideen.

Du fühlst dich müde & schlapp? – Na dir fehlt Eisen

~ ein Ratschlag, den vielleicht schon viele von uns gehört haben


Die Rolle von Eisen im Körper

Wo kommt Eisen vor?

  • in den roten Blutkörperchen & Muskulatur

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Spaziergang nach dem Abendessen besonders effektiv für Menschen mit Typ 2 Diabetes

Die Reduzierung von Blutzuckerwerten ist eine Möglichkeit, um mit Typ 2 Diabetes umzugehen. Und laut einigen Experten können regelmäßige Spaziergänge unterstützend sein.

Der Nutzen des Verdauungsspazierganges

Eine neue Studie deutet darauf hin, dass WANN, also die Uhrzeit des Spazierganges, jedoch ein viel bedeutenderer Faktor ist, als ursprünglich angenommen.

Zur Studie:

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Health behavior change and relationships – can we support our partner?

Our relationships hinder or support behavior change.

Not Feeling Healthy and Fit?

Look @ Your Partner

There is a Strong and Consistent Link Between

Marriage & Physical Health

In marriage (or long-term relationship for that matter) health and health behavior can be positively influenced in two ways:

promote health-enhancing behaviors & inhibit health-compromising behaviors


Spouses affect health behaviors either via:

social support (help spouse achieve or maintain health by offering emotional and instrumental support)


social control (deliberately influence partner’s health behavior)

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