Health Adviser: who influences health choices & eating habits

In terms of health – who influences us: our friends and social circle or media?

Food choices, eating habits or the latest diet craze – while we hear or read about it on media it is truly media that sways us into jumping on the latest band wagon or implementing a certain health behavior?

Is Your Health Adviser,

The Person Who Influences You


Let me ask you this:

If you:

needed to repair something on your car, would you seek advice from a painter or car mechanic?

discovered a weird lump on your neck, would you follow the advice given by friends or would you seek and follow the advice of your doctor?Continue reading

How dieting leads to body weight satisfaction, or does it?

Do you diet to feel good in your skin or to be satisfied with the shape of your body?

Do you use diets to lose weight or to be healthy?

 Mirror, mirror on the wall

how will I get the shape I want?

Why do you go on a diet? Because you

  • are obese (overweight, unhealthy weight,….)
  • feel fat and unsatisfied in your skin
  • hate the shape of your body
  • are number driven; the scale tells you you are fat so it must be true
  • are now heavier than ever
  • are farther away from your magic dream number than ever (and let’s be honest, many of you weren’t even that dream weight in high school. I, surely, wasn’t)
  • have a re-union coming up, recently broke it off with your partner or will be going on vacation and need to look somewhat decent in a bathing suit
  • suffer from health issues
  • ….?

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True motivation for exercise – work out for the right reasons

Why Do You Exercise?

Honestly, why do you do it?


lose weight, look a certain way or reach a certain shape?

feel good about yourself?

reduce stress?

get fitter or stronger?

prevent ailments or discomfort and pain?

overcome first signs of aging?

………. or because you feel it’s something you ought to do?


–> Think before you respond! I don’t want to know why you think you should exercise but rather WHY you really, truly engage in exercise.

–> What is your goal, your reason, your purpose?

In this article, I’ll address exercising for health and aesthetics.


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Hausapotheke für Muskel- oder Sehnenentzündung: es funktioniert wirklich!

Viele von uns verspüren hin und wieder Muskel- oder Sehnenschmerzen oder gar Gelenkschmerzen.

Jedoch verschleppen vielen von uns die Schmerzen, nehmen Schmerzmittel oder kaufen teure Salben aus der Apotheke, obwohl viele dieser Mittel Nebenwirkungen haben, die uns nicht egal sein sollten.

Vorallem, da es ja ein ganz einfaches, preisgünstiges Hausmittel gibt, was die Entzündung hemmt.Continue reading