Advantages of One-on-One Training:

You get:
  • undivided attention
  • a training program tailored to your needs
  • a trainer who focuses on your form, posture, weaknesses, and strengths
  • a trainer who pushes you to new levels
  • support in reaching your goals 


In addition:
  • we will, together, determine your realistic goals
  • I'll become your accountability buddy, if needed
  • I'll be a source of motivation, if needed
  • you'll become familiar with different exercises
  • you'll become more comfortable & knowledgeable at the gym (if you prefer working out at a gym)

Why Train With Weights:

  • achieve our goals quicker
  • incorporate new exercise modalities
  • challenge our body
  • shape our body
  • reduce body fat
  • increase muscle tone
  • increase metabolism
  • increase bone density
  • increase the strength of our connective tissues, muscles & tendons
Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

Why Train Outside:

  • exercising outdoors comes with many more benefits than exercising inside
  • it can be more strenuous than inside
  • it improves our energy levels
  • it reduces stress and anxiety to a greater extend than training at a gym
  • it is not limited to machines or dumbbells
  • it increases our body awareness
  • it exposes us to much needed sunlight especially during fall & winter

Regardless of your current fitness level or health state, FiEnergy can assist you in reaching your fitness, health and/or weight goals.

Don't wait any longer.

It ONLY gets easier if you take the step. Otherwise, tomorrow you will too be too busy, too tired, too out of shape, too unmotivated, too

Instead, take charge of your health NOW.

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