What does FiEnergy offer?

Group training:

  • functional (outdoor) group and corporate training are both offered as 4 week programs
  • each training cycle is 4 weeks long, you sign up and commit for 4 weeks
  • you decide how many days a week you’d like to train (choose between 2-5 days/week)
  • each training session lasts 45-60 minutes
  • for corporate training, shorter training sessions of 30 or 45 minutes are possible
  • for details to corporate training click here
  • for details to the latest group training schedule click here


In addition to these 3 training programs, FiEnergy offers:


One-on-one training:

  • is individualized based on your needs
  • is tailored to your strengths and weaknesses
  • is tailored to your goals and limitations
  • training sessions can either be 60 minutes or 90 minutes
  • training is outdoors or at your gym
  • can be combined with a partner
  • for details to one-on-one training click here
  • bevor & after fitness test
  • couple workouts or parent-child workouts
  • workouts for mom's to be
  • nutritional guidance
  • cognitive behavioral therapy
  • short, spontaneous, theme-specific workouts

What is functional fitness and what will be trained?

  • a mix of full body cardio training taking advantage of outdoor opportunities
  • we use benches, staircases, hills, sand, ….or at times even the playground
  • we'll be using your own body weight but to increase resistance and intensity we'll also train with small equipments and partners
  • training is often set up as circuit style and contains components of boot camp, tabata, sprints and jumping as well as yoga
  • no training is alike - variety is important to ward off boredom 
  • some days will focus heavier on endurance while other days might focus on speed or agility
  • as with age, imbalance and inflexibility become a problem often leading to injury and falls, we end each training with stability, balance and/or flexibility training
  • training focuses on purpose and all planes of motion emphazising the body’s natural ability to move
  • training focuses on functional exercises rooted in science and physical therapy
Every workout will be challenging but FUN!


By the way, have you ever thought what it'd be like to train with me instead of being trained by me? Why not find out? You should, however, have a solid fitness base and be familiar with common exercises and the execution of them, bring positive energy, and don't be a chicken. Do you dare to try it?