Staircase Workout

Staircase workout

You are looking for a new challenge? You are at a standstill; you fail to gain any athletic advancements? You want to start working out but don't want to join a gym? You train regularly but feel unsatisfied with your lower body? Then I have the perfect workout for you: staircase running; yes, you read correctly: staircase running! Don't worry, EVERYONE (as long as s/he can walk), regardless of fitness level, can do this workout. The first video shows you a basic workout, which you, based on your own training schedule, should incorporate regularly.

If you are a beginner, all you need is 3 minutes (2-3 times per week) to start. Increase your workout slowly, meaning in week 3, you'll progress to 5 minutes (2-3 times per week), in week 5 you'll start staircase running for 7 minutes (2-3 times a week), and so on. Listen to your body, listen to your joints. If you need longer to recover or longer to get used to the exercises then progress even slower. Your health always takes priority. 

But even if you are well-trained, allow your body and especially your joints, if you are new to this type of training, a sufficient amount of time to get used to these exercises, meaning, don't overdue it.  And don't neglect to warm up, cool-down, stretch and take water breaks as needed; these are important components of a solid workout. Listen to your body, take rest when needed and don't forget to have fun. main stair case photo

Basic staircase workout:

Upper body staircase workout: