Advantages of one-on-one training:

You get:
  • undivided attention
  • a training program tailored to your needs
  • a trainer who focuses on your form, posture, weaknesses, and strengths
  • a trainer who pushes you to new levelsFitness trainer coaching plank
In addition:
  • we will together determine your realistic goals
  • I will support you in reaching your goals and mastering your challenges

Details to the one-on-one training:

  • the program starts with an individual assessment, which might also include a fitness test
  • a fitness test allows us to measure your progress and increases your motivation
  • training can be inside (at a gym) or outdoors
  • if you are new to free weights or weight machines, you'll receive a thorough introduction
  • if you are unsure how to exercise correctly, what to do or which exercises train which muscles or which exercises are better compared to others, then let me share with you how you can use weights to your advantage in order to shape your body
  • if you have been working out but haven't seen any results lately, then let me introduce to you new levels of difficulty or intensity; let me push you to new levels

Why we train with weights:

Weights allow us to:
  • achieve our goals quicker
  • incorporate new exercise modalities
  • challenge our body
  • shape our body
  • reduce body fat
  • increase muscle tone
  • increase metabolism
  • increase bone density
  • increase the strength of our connective tissues, muscles & tendons

What you can expect:

  • you will learn the tools you need to move around a gym as if you've been working out for years (especially newbies)
  • increase in confidence
  • new motivation
  • increase in skills
  • new challenges
  • new training methods and exercises
  • increase in quality of life
  • changes- physically & mentally

Why we should train outside:

  • exercising outdoors comes with many more benefits than exercising inside
  • it can be more strenuous than inside
  • it improves your energy levels
  • it reduces stress and anxiety to a greater extend than training at a gym
  • it is not limited to machines or dumbbells
  • it exposes us to much needed sunlight especially during fall and winter

Regardless of your current fitness level or health state, FiEnergy can assist you in reaching your weight and/or fitness goals.

Together, we develop a tailored program based on your needs, current lifestyle, and goals. Emphasis is goal attainment while 1) remaining injury free/reducing injury risk as much as possible and 2) being able to live a balanced lifestyle.