Healthy, active at the office

You might not believe it, but I, as personal trainer and health nut, too, spend lots of time on my laptop. Meaning I, too, not only spend many hours tied to a computer but also encounter many typical office constraints limiting my healthy choices. 

In the videos I'll offer tips or cues which work for me in order to establish healthy habits (or drop an unhealthy ones). More, I will also show you how I overcome office barriers as well as etiquette rules so I can stay true to my desire to make healthy choices.

These videos are not about working out at the office; we should all know that a real training session can't be supplemented with a few in-office exercises. We should also know that a yoga session in the evening or a run 2 evenings per week cannot make up for the many hours we spend seated!

The purpose of the videos lies in 1) breaking up our imbalanced, non-varied behavior, especially our posture 2) reducing and preventing tensions, muscle tightness and congestions (circulation issues) in the legs and 3) introducing or triggering a behavior change at our work place setting in order to support our health.


The ultimate goal: such stretching, relaxing and strengthening exercises should become part of our work day; engaging in them should be normal, be expected and be observed everywhere.

Managers, leaders & supervisors - listen up: Be a role model; encourage your employees to engage in small, active breaks. Show them that you, too, engage in health-supporting habits at your office. In other words, "be the change you want to see in others". Our health influences every aspect of our life......