Fit & Fabulous with Coach Yvi

Outdoor Fitness Training ~ We Get Healthy, Fit, Strong, & Happy Together


Health is a lifestyle - a behavior reinforced through actions. 




It's as much as fitness, healthy eating, and balanced lifestyle as positive mind-set and positive surroundings.



Join a fitness community that is passionate, determined, and supportive.

Whether you’re here for a day or committed to months or years, my experience & energy support you in reaching good well-being and positive self-image. 


Monthly Fitness Camp 

€ 100 per camp

(4 weeks, 2 workouts/week)

Drop-in Group Classes

€   15 - Single Class

  5-er block:  € 75.00
10-er block: € 140.00
15-er block: € 195.00

Private Training

€   60 -  1 session

€ 285 -  5 sessions

€ 550 - 10 sessions


Part of a group or private, exercising is about gaining strength, getting fit and becoming more energized, balanced, and happier.

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Healthy Lifestyle

Getting healthy is not only about exercising but also about making healthy choices, overcoming barriers, becoming health educated and developing necessary skills.

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Fit Family

Our chance to be fit & healthy role models to our children. It's a fun way to bond and create healthy habits for life.

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FiEnergy is the right place for you.

You will not only love the energy but you’ll be amazed at how quickly your health, body, and mind can change.