Get ready to challenge your body (regardless of your level of fitness)

If you are looking for a quick but intense full body workout, then I might just have the right ones for you! If you engage regularly you can only benefit!  

Commit to your goal, commit to your health and challenge yourself.


Full body conditioning training:

1.Video: 10 exercises a 1 min. Total workout time: under 15 minutes.

This intense training is less than 15 min; you can do anything for 15 min, or? With proper warm up and cool down you'll receive a full body conditioning workout in under 25 min. And believe me, your legs and your lungs will work hard!

 2. Video: 5 sets of exercises a 4 min - Tabata style. Total workout time: under 25 minutes.

Each 4 min set consists of 2 different exercises done for 20 sec, repeated each for 4 rounds. You can follow along with me or adjust the exercises to your level of fitness (I share with you some options). Just be sure to warm up prior to starting the exercises, and don't forget to cool down and stretch afterwards.

3. Video: 2 sets of 4 exercises (a 1 minute), 2 rounds- Body weight conditioning workout (Total time: 20 minutes) PLUS 12 minutes Core training. Total workout time: under 35 minutes

We work on our endurance and strength! This workout in separated into a ~ 20 min of full body body weight cardio workout and a ~12 min core workout. During the 20 min section we'll complete a total of 8 different exercises, each exercise last 1 minute. During the ~12 minute section we'll complete 3 exercise sets for 4 minutes.

4. Video: 4 sets of exercises, you decide how many reps and rounds you want to engage in (based on your level of fitness). My workout is a suggestion. We train full body, keep the intensity high and the rest periods short. In 20 min (if you follow along with me) we engage every muscle in our body; we'll work on our strength and our condition, and shape our body in the progress.

5. Video: You don't think you can get an intense full body workout with only 3 exercises? Then give this a try! 3 exercises that will tax your stamina! No break between exercises. Based on your level of fitness you decided how many rounds and repetitions you'll do. If you are a beginner, go with 3 repetitions per exercise for 3 rounds. If you are at an advanced fitness level and want a new challenge, how about a 300 rep challenge? 10 reps per exercise for 10 rounds. NO rest between exercises; do the exercises properly and watch your form. 

6. Video: Not really a full-body workout BUT this 5 exercise leg workout is a challenge not only for your legs but also your cardiovascular system. It's only 5 exercises but believe me, the burn is real. If you want to make it more challenge OR turn it into a leg workout then go for 4-6 rounds. There is no rest between the 5 exercises; increase or decrease the reps based on your level of fitness........


Skill & Drill (using cones, ladders,.......think: American football style workout 🙂

7. Video: "Skill & Drill" part 1. This video focuses on our leg power and'll shape our legs nicely (!) and truly tax our cardiovascular system. 4 different "drills" running cones. Work at your level but don't just repeat each exercise once. Try to repeat each exercise for at least 3-6 rounds. Take breaks as needed, push yourself and have fun!

8. Video: ""Skill & Drill" part 2. This video, similar to video 3, focuses on leg power and speed...but unlike video 3 we'll incorporate jumps within this workout. So, it's a tad bit more challenging but I know you are up for the challenge!




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