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From my FiTchen (Fit kitchen) to yours

On the following pages you'll find a variety of snack and meal ideas which are not only healthy but also easy to make. The emphasis is hereby on easy. We are all busy, and (unfortunately) only a few of us have the time and energy to spend hours in the kitchen preparing meals. Additionally, many of us might have picky eaters in the house or people with food allergies and/or intolerances. Lastly, eating out or grabbing food on the go seems sooo socially acceptable that we forget that this convenience often comes at a price: we pay for it at the expense of our health and fitness goals. So, the goal of these videos is to get you (via baby-steps) gradually back into the habit:

  • of cooking and prepping your food
  • of bringing healthy snacks to the office
  • of always having healthy and balanced emergency food in the house (in case you get hungry - so you will NOT need to phone take out).

I also want you to develop a liking and curiosity for food and recipes - it shouldn't be experienced as a task but rather as enjoyment. Cooking can actually have a therapeutic, relaxing effect......even if you just spend 5 minute on the meal/snack. Plus, own creations generally taste better, too. Maybe not always the first time around.......but with time, you too will get better.  ENJOY, have fun and be open to new experiences.

Your health, your fitness and weight goals should be worth it, not only for you but also your family!        

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