Similar to beer, the love for exercise is an acquired taste;  we learn to love it with repeated exposure.

  Do you still believe the ads diverse health and fitness magazines are selling to you? Do you reach for such magazines in hopes for some new insight or new magic recipe to help you achieve your goal? You know it's all a gimmick and quick weight (actually fat) loss doesn't work, yet you hold on to this hope that there might be a quick solution after all. Do you wish these magazines hold the solution to your problem?  Well, I'm sorry to break it to you but they don't. They actually set you up for failure which might actually cause you to gain more weight (and grow more unsatisfied in the process), why do you continue to buy into their story? BREAK the cycle!


In spite of all the ups and down(5)

In spite of all the ups and down(6)

Exercise better than any pill

still NOT exercising_ (2)