~~~2017 New Year's Challenge~~~

12 One Month Fitness Camps to Help You Achieve Your Goals!

~~Are you ready to get closer to your New Year's Resolution? Sign up for the challenge.....and enjoy the many benefits!~~

You commit to one month. We train twice a week for 4 weeks. If you want to create a habit of working out regularly, this will help you. Plus, these workouts are a ton of fun. Just look at this group! 

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NEW: Fit Family Workout: Mom, dad work out together with your child. This is your chance to create a healthy habit, to bond and the share something fun & exciting with each other. Details here.

Advantages of functional group training:

  • you establish a habit
  • you become part of a group of like-minded people
  • a group setting will contribute to you motivation
  • you are less likely to forego a training session knowning that your group members rely on you showing up 
  • focus on the training cycle can shift based on people's dires and needs; ie: does one training cycle consist of only women, training focus can shift to women's "problem zones" (but be aware, spot reduction is not possible! Sorry ladies.)
  • you get the attention of a personal trainer at the fraction of the cost

Details of functional group training:

  • you train in a small group
  • a variety of different types of training are offered
  • all sessions are held outside (parks, canal, prater,.....)....yes, even in the fall and winter months you can get plenty of vitamine D
  • everyone, regardless of fitness level, will be challenged
  • no training is alike
  • you will be pushed
  • regular attendance will lead to progress

Training focus:

  • cardiovascular & muscular endurance
  • strength
  • speed
  • agility
  • core training
  • balance & flexibility training
  • focus can shift based on groups' needs & desires
  • each workout includes proper warm up & cool down

What you should bring:

  • a towelIMG_0508
  • water
  • a yoga mat
  • if you own weights, such as kettlebells, terra bands or ankle weights, please bring them. By working out with weights, you will not only experience a better workout but your body will respond differently and change faster.

We do NOT train regularly at a playground. A park is much more like it, BUT........

A playground is definitely not limited to children.

Find the inner child in you. Let's together discover what it feels like to do monkey bars or how to balance on a beam. Let's see how we can use a swing to work out our glutes, legs, and core. Don't question your abilities; rather, let us together discover your hidden strengths. You'll be amazed just how much fun it can be.