What’s the advantage of Corporate Training? FiEnergy comes to YOU!

Based on the arrangement with your employer, FiEnergy offers:

  • 60min training sessions at your employer’s location
  • two to five times per week
  • either indoors or outdoors

Each training session is 4 weeks long; meaning you make a workout commitment  for a period of 4 weeks. Prior to start, you decide how many days per week (same number of days each week) you want to train. This allows you to create a habit. Training can be individualized based on the group's needs and wants.

If no contract exists with your employer but (1) you, as employee, would like for FiEnergy to get in touch with your employer or (2) you are an employer and would like to introduce and offer your employees the opportunity to engage in physical activity at place of employment, please get in touch with FiEnergy.

As employer you should be interested in not only offering your employees the opportunity to engage in physical activity but also empowering them to take advantage by highlighting the benefits to be gained and risks to be forgone (health disadvantage and increased risk for disease due to prolonged sitting). Information to this will be included in FiEnergy’s on-site presentation highlighting the reasons why employers should offer on-site activity opportunities for their employees.

Additional information:

Physical activity influences physical and mental health outcomes. Given the fact that:

  • absenteeism cost Austrian employers ~2.7B in 2012
  • absenteeism costs employers ~ €970 per employee per year
  • companies, on average, lose about 13 days of productivity for every employee per year
  • 50% of absenteeism is due to musculoskeletal problems/injuries and 40% is due to diseases of the respiratory system
  • absenteeism due to mental health problems is on the rise


Physical activity plays a crucial role in becoming a successful non-smoker. Given the fact that:

  • smokers cost the employer > €1,000/year
  • approx. 38% of Austrians smoke
  • one third of smokers has  attempted at least once to quite
  • smokers spend on average 26 days (compared to 13 for non-smokers) out sick

would you not want to support your employees in achieving the best health outcomes possible?

Each individual factor can be influenced and reduced with physical activity!


Overall, what are the BENEFITS to be expected by offering and engaging in an in-house physical activity program?
For employers
For employees
  • absenteeism
  • sickness (sometimes, sick people come to work)
  • apathy
  • fatigue
  • “afternoon slump” coinciding with increased cravings for sweets/energy drinks/fatty snacks
  • productivity (overall)
  • efficiency
  • office culture
  • team spirit and identification with the company
  • communication among employees across a variety of departments
  • stress
  • sickness
  • anxiety
  • “afternoon slump” coinciding with increased cravings for sweets/energy drinks/fatty snacks
  • heart health
  • stamina
  • overall health outcomes
  • fitness level
  • strength
  • self-awareness
  • confidence
  • feeling of self-worth & self-efficacy
  • identification with the company
  • overall level of satisfaction & enjoyment

Additional services:

To strengthen your support to create a healthy, active work force, FiEnergy can deliver feedback (anonymous of course) showing that participants incur health benefits by actively participating in monthly corporate training programs.

There is much to be gained for everyone by being an employer who drives change, and who contributes and supports the “creation of a culture of change”.

Employers who participate send a clear message to their employees: "We care not only about our employees current health and productivity but also their future health outcomes." By offering on-site training, you make the healthier choice the easier choice. Lack of activity is often due to lack of access or time or not having a babysitter. By offering on-site fitness training, however, more employees might be motivated to engage in and take advantage of structured physical activity programs.

Additionally, FiEnergy offers “Lunch & Learn” sessions for employees. The aim is to increase employees’ knowledge of making healthy lifestyle choices and to empower employees to find suitable alternatives to overcome existing barriers.

Join FiEnergy- a lifestyle that makes HEALTH your goal!