Die magische Kraft von Zitronengras – ein Genuss egal ob warm oder kalt

Zitronengras – sowohl im Winter als auch Sommer ein Genuss

Viele von uns kennen Zitronengras als Gewürz in der asiatischen Küche. Die wenigsten allerdings haben schon einmal ganze Zitronengras-Stängel gekauft.

Das mag vielleicht daran liegen, dass man Zitronengras auch nicht in jedem Geschäft kaufen kann, dennoch, es lohnt sich es aufzusuchen. Denn Zitronengras unterstützt unsere Gesundheit – was ihr euch bestimmt schon denken konntet.

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True motivation for exercise – work out for the right reasons

Why Do You Exercise?

Honestly, why do you do it?


lose weight, look a certain way or reach a certain shape?

feel good about yourself?

reduce stress?

get fitter or stronger?

prevent ailments or discomfort and pain?

overcome first signs of aging?

………. or because you feel it’s something you ought to do?


–> Think before you respond! I don’t want to know why you think you should exercise but rather WHY you really, truly engage in exercise.

–> What is your goal, your reason, your purpose?

In this article, I’ll address exercising for health and aesthetics.


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Strong core – a must for athletic performance, back pain prevention, and overall health

We have all heard planking is a great way to strengthen our core.

Plank – for many THE CORE exercise

Holding a plank is a great full body exercise.


But did you know:

there are various variations of a plank?

by combining the standard plank with rotation, flexion, and extension you can recruit more muscle fibers and challenge your core additionally?

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strong immune system: healthy through winter with this home-made 2 ingredient infusion recipe

Prevention is Better Than Cure

Labelled for reuse.


Of course you can wait until cold, wet temperatures have arrived, until your co-workers and friends start getting the sniffles, and until your children bring home the first cold or of the year…….


you can prep your immune system ahead of time. Make it strong and reduce your susceptibility to colds.


Health Infusion: easy does it

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Different types of milk and benefits of changing or rotating your milk

We like what we (think) we like.

We have something we like and we stick with it; most are brand loyal and flavor loyal. Week in and week out, for as long as we can remember, we purchase the same brand of coffee, cheese, paper towels, peanut butter, bottle of wine, face lotion, shampoo or candy. (Although at times we might be swayed by price, generally, we don’t stray too far from our favorite brand or believed to be favorite flavor.)


Let’s talk about milk

It terms of milk, some of us, perhaps more Europeans than Americans or Australians, prefer whole milk.

This is NOT an ad for this brand!

Other often fat-phobic people only touch skim milk. Vegans might go for almond, soy, rice or oat milk, while others like me like to switch things up.

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Rice recipe for coffee and goat milk lovers alike

This week I’ll share with you a recipe that is one of this things you must


Many carb-phobic people will roll their eyes or perhaps not even read the recipe. Clearly, this recipe isn’t for those who count every gram of carb; and it isn’t for those who swear off white rice either (although you could probably also make it with brown rice or other grains for that matter).

This recipe is for those of us who like to experiment with food. Those of us who are open to new concoctions and who know that rice even if is it white and polished can be part of healthy, balanced eating habits!

Coffee Rice– a recipe for rice and coffee lovers

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