I’m a 30 something year old (young :)) health and fitness nut. I have worked as personal trainer and functional fitness and boot camp coach in the US, hold a variety of fitness certifications (personal training, group fitness training, health coach,….), and am known among my friends and co-workers as go-to person for health and fitness advice, motivation, or new workout challenges or training plan changes.


Although I'm a fitness enthusiast and a health-nut, I know what it's like to juggle work, family, university, friends, and relationships.

Throughout all of my studies (BA, MSc, Dr) I worked full time; and yes, it was tough at times to manage a healthy lifestyle. Certainly, there were periods when I wasn't as successful as I had wanted but these periods always had an expiration date.

The deciding factor in our lifestyle choices, I believe, is our determination to live and identify with living a healthy, balanced, and active lifestyle. I can certainly relate to your barriers and challenges; I, too, live a "normal" life more often than not filled with unpredictability and stressful events. But I know how to make the best choices given the circumstances. 

It is not only my mission to help you achieve your  health goals but to also support you in overcoming your barriers and empower you in making active, balanced lifestyle choices, too. Our health is worth it!

Coach Yvi

(Dr. Yvi Schroeder, CPT, GFI)

Continuing education:

  • Health & fitness trainer
  • Group fitness trainer
  • Strength & conditions coach
  • Running technique training 
  • Nutrition
  • Sports nutrition 
  • Kinesio taping
  • Healthy back with kinesiology
  • Meditation techniques
  • Health psychology
  • Health promotion 

FiEnergy - empowers you to live a lifestyle where

HEALTH is the ultimate goal!

My mission is to:

help you reach your goals and master new challenges

inspire health and fitness in everyone

contribute to reduced illness and disease through increased physical activity

expose you to the reward you’ll receive from regular exercise


Change is inevitable, mentally as well as physically.

I desire to create a “culture of change” where fitness, health, and an active lifestyle are part of our daily life.


What are my “superpowers”?

I LOVE MOTIVATING PEOPLE. My friends love my motivational personality and communication style. They also love my passion for fitness and health, which is contagious and inspires and motivates them when around me. 

I’M TOUGH. You need to push your body in order to change your body. You might not enjoy every moment but when you feel the influence of fitness on your mood, outlook, energy, and body awareness, in addition to the changes you see in the mirror, the enjoyment and satisfaction will grow.

And I'M APPROACHABLE, authentic, empathetic and mindful. I can relate to you (probably as I've experienced it myself) and offer support. You can always ask me questions so I can share my knowledge and experiences with you.


My HIGH LEVEL OF ENERGY is infectious. It charges your workouts, pushes you the extra mile, and carries over into other aspects of your life. You will feel the energy long after your workouts.